Saturday, April 28, 2012

our week by iPhone - week 76

this last week was half vacay, half back to real life.  only not real life as we normally like to know it because p-ray was sick!  boo.  and on his birthday too.

spoiler alert, he's on the mend & things are lookin' up for the weekend.  here's what everything else looked like in iPics!

sunday.  started our gorgeous morning off with the fourth trip to target of the vacay.  not joking... we kept needing things like diapers & wipes & target just kept answering.  then we spent some time with a whole bunch of loose seals on the beach {c'mon, someone please pick up the "arrested development" reference!} & a crazy amount of birds on cliffs.  this picture of parker & me on the beach may or may not be my favorite of the whole trip.

oh yeah & we ate phil's bbq & it was crazy delicious.

monday. helping baby boy in my belly grow by eating this monstrosity of a burger.  the patty was half ground beef half {are you ready for this?} ground bacon.  yeah, you heard that right.  complimenting that insanity was avocado mash, an over-easy egg, pepperjack cheese & chipotle mayo.  heaven in my mouth.

after lunch we toured the retired aircraft carrier uss midway & parker got locked in the brig.  also?  after checking out the flight deck we recited every line we could remember from top gun, made way too many "goose" & "maverick" references & left with "highway to the danger zone" in our heads.  good times.

our last night in san diego was washed down with some tasty malts.  win.

tuesday.  the last day in san diego was gorgeous so what better way than to start it off at the hash house with ridiculously huge portions of brunch?  if you guessed this whole trip was about food, you were right.

after brunch & packing up we were off to the airport where parker LOVED watching the airplanes from our gate & movies from his dad's lap.  such an awesome little traveler.

wednesday. p-ray woke up with a fever, cough, runny nose & sore throat so we took it easy until i decided it was time to get him out of the house & bought him a sympathy sick-day-cookie-monster.  it only cheered him up for about five minutes & then we were back to snuggles & movies in bed.

thursday was probably the peak of parker's sickness.  he had a fever most the day & didn't wanna do much else other than stay snuggled up next to me.  every time he coughed he cried out in pain & told me his "neck hurts."  oh yeah, & it was the poor kid's BIRTHDAY!  finally sam came home & took a snuggle-shift {don't get me wrong, i love the snuggles... but i can only watch so much pixar!} & then decided we needed to get out of the house.

parker's birthday-night was spent celebrating with a walk around costco eating frozen yogurt & then enjoying the sunset from the parking lot.  because we're classy like that.

oh yeah, & that fro-yo was the only thing we got him to eat all. day. long.  poor little monster!

friday started off with parker's two-year check-up where he insisted on touching every germy toy in the waiting room.  awesome.  at least he was interested in toys & starting to act like his normal self again though, right?  we drove home on a semi-gorgeous day where parker proceeded to empty my cupboards & line up the goods.  i think he's feeling better.

the sickness continued to wane as he pulled silly faces on my bed while i got ready for my bestie's surprise 30th totally 80's birthday party!  yes, you are seeing lots of neon.  this party was insane... mostly because i literally felt like i had just walked back in time 25 years when we were treated to pop-rocks, bubble-tape & a slew of awesome 80's music & movie posters.  it was tubular.


***photos edited via instagram.  do you instagram?  find me @amy_agoodlife & let's picture bond!***
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  1. Sounds like you had a great week! I am pretty much seething with jealousy haha, I want that burger in and around my mouth bahaha!!!

    You're looking great mama!

  2. What an awesome week (aside from poor sickie kiddo!, hope he's all better now). I totally got the AD reference, I re-read it and thought, is that a AD reference ...omg! And then kept reading to see it WAS!! Love and miss that show. Can't wait for the new ones! That burger sounded insane! I don't know where you put it all??!!

  3. Sorry that Parker was sick for his bday :( Poor little guy. And that burger...YUM!!!

  4. Glad you guys had a fun and safe trip! San Diego is seriously the BEST! We are going the first weekend of June and I can't wait for it! Good to see Parker is feeling back to his old self again, no fun being sick on your birthday :(

  5. looks like vacation was awesome!! glad parker is feeling better!!

  6. Arrested Development was probably like the funniest show on this planet - why did they ever cancel it?! So glad that he's feeling a little better :)

  7. Aw I hope P Ray is feeling better! :( Poor guy. Love the "80's" bump. ^_^ And I'm TOTALLY craving fro-yo

  8. My husband thought it was an AD reference when he saw it on my facebook earlier in the week. I guess he was right! Your trip looked like a blast! I miss San Diego!

  9. I'm with ya on the sick kiddo! What is it about this time of year? Only I'm sick too and boy do I WISH I had the "snuggle in bed" when he's sick kinda baby. ;) I have the polar opposite...the "still wants to go outside for a walk with the dogs at 7:00am" sick kinda baby.

    Glad your little monster is feeling better - that's SO cute how he lines up your pantry items! :)

  10. Your vacation looks like so much fun, and vacations should be all about food! Poor Parker, but at least he is feeling better now!!

  11. boo for your little man being sick on his birthday, but yay for him feeling better. you look great!

  12. Okay after everything I just read I'm still thinking about that burger you had on monday. I'm drooling!

  13. omggggggggggggg yessss!!!! i have been to the hash house in SD and there are no words. there are just no words!! love!

  14. your iphone pictures are AMAZING! i love it! do you use instagram?


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