Saturday, April 21, 2012

our week by iPhone - week 75

don't hate me if i just breeze on through these pictures... i'm literally holding my eyelids open with my fingertips to stay awake long enough to post this.  we've been going non-stop on our san diego vacay these last couple of days & i wouldn't have it any other way.  we live for this time together as a family & for our vacations & i want to squeeze every single ounce of fun out of every single possible second!

but that doesn't mean i can't pause to recap what we've done.  here's what it looks like in iPhotos.

monday.  p-ray & i stayed home waiting for mr. fedex-man to deliver my rented lens from  this big bad 24-70mm boy is gonna be mine all month.  size matters.  after the drop off was made we ran out the door to the mall to meet up with friends & do some shopping.  also, chipotle was eaten & my stomach was happy.

monday afternoon consisted of movie watching from on top of the toy box, bath-taking & sleeping with one's feet up.  pretty typical p-ray activities.

tuesday.  started the day off with some running at stroller strides but as the belly grows, the running definitely gets harder too.  afterwards p-ray played on toys until it was time for me to go get my hairs cut.  goodbye dead-ends.

the airplane wing + trees picture is courtesy of sam who flew out in a 4-seater cesna to a small town on the coast for work.  i always get SO nervous when he flies in those things!

tuesday night consisted of crazy parker antics... faces at dinner followed by throwing all his stuffed animal friends in his crib to go to bed with him.  he likes it to be a party in there.

wednesday.  we woke up an hour & a half after our alarm was supposed to go off & still somehow managed to make our flight to san diego.  we got realllll lucky.  parker was a total trooper of a traveler & my belly was made very, VERY happy by some in-n-out as soon as we landed in california.  pretty good day.

thursday.  our first full day in san diego was spent exploring the zoo where parker saw 99% of the exhibits from sam's shoulders.  he was in heaven.  his favorites were the elephants, the lions & the monkeys.  oh yeah, & the fish in the polar bear aquarium.

after the zoo we hit up target {for the THIRD time of our trip... not joking} where parker & duncan ripped things down off the shelves like the little mischief-makers that they are.

friday.  we crossed the bridge into coronado & spent some exploring the city & enjoying the sun.  parker was not a fan of the ocean water or the sand & was only happy as long as he was in his dad's arms.  on the way back to the hotel we happened upon the san diego lds temple & explored the gorgeous grounds... pictures don't do this place justice... it's unreal how beautiful this temple is.

friday night sam, parker & i hit up a padres game.  parker made it through all nine innings AND through the fireworks show at the end.  and?  he had a blast.  as in chatter-boxing the whole way home about "baseball!  fireworks!  so fun!"

love that little monster.


***photos edited via instagram.  do you instagram?  find me @amy_agoodlife & let's picture bond!***
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  1. what a fun and exciting week!! i want to be on vacation somewhere sunny! haha i love how much parker loves sports too! i'm so excited to take corb to a baseball game and couldn't believe he sat thru a whole basketball game when we took him! love all the pictures this week, per usual! :)

  2. what a fun week! pictures & vacation look beautiful. i've been to san deigo once & it rained ... the entire time :(

  3. What an awesome vacation!! You are looking so beautiful, mama!

  4. your boy is getting bigger, and bigger :) you look lovely!


  5. Haha size DOES matter! {When it comes to glass. ;) } I am jealous of that lens! I'm tempted to rent one just for fun. ^_^ I don't think my husband would appreciate that Seeing that chipoltle makes me crave it so badly! Isn't it YUM?! I can't blame you for drinking chocolate milk, it's one of my guilty pleasures. :)
    Your pics have a way of making me want to visit places. First move to the PNW, secondly, to visit Cali! My week was so boring in comparison. lol

  6. I am amazed at your ability to still post, even on vacation! :) It looks like such a fun week - and that's awesome.

  7. looks like an awesome trip and week! love the zoo in san diego! you look so cute as always!! :)

  8. Sounds like you had a great week! It's a good thing you caught your plane! These are great iPhone captures! Very cool!

  9. how fun! san diego is the best! glad to see you guys are enjoying every second of your trip :)

  10. You got some awesome photos. Glad to hear you're all having a great time down here!

  11. You look *so* awesome. I'm totally impressed that you put this post together while so exhausted! Those are the evenings I just say, "Eh, I'll do it tomorrow." :)

  12. That's the lens that I want!!!!

  13. San Diego looks amazing! I'm glad you guys had fun! Your baby bump is so cute!

  14. Looks like a great week! Your photos of San Diego are just beautiful!! Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

  15. How fun! I love SD!!! Looks like you are having a blast. That new lens looks amazing!

  16. sounds like a fantastic week!! i love california!!

  17. Love the lens! OH MY GOSH do I ever! lol.

    First time linking up! I will add a link to my post later on today! :)

  18. Great pictures! Looks like you guys had a blast in SD. I also rent lenses (from ATS rentals) and am obsessed with getting to try out fun, new toys.

    I'd love to feature this on our San Diego-based site. Email me for details!

    shondra (at) dwellable (dot) com


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