Thursday, February 11, 2010

29 Weeks & I'm a Super Fan

Every now and then I have to remind the world what a huge Cougar I am (and no, not the kind that likes younger men). And when times are tough (can you say Football season 2009? *tear*) I even occasionally have to remind myself. But I have a feeling the winds are a-changin. Yup, you can expect some pretty good things out of WSU B-ball these next few years. Mark my words.

So I was just thinking about two years ago this weekend Sam and I embarked on one of our Top 10 funnest road trips. We spent Valentine's Weekend 2008 as WSU Cougar Basketball groupies.

The Cougs were playing the Oregon schools and we decided to hit up both games and visit the coast, too. It was a blast. And WSU won both games... so worth it. This was also the year we made it into the Sweet 16. Man, those were the days.

I love me some Cougar Basketball. And this proves it:

Yup. We waited outside WSU's locker room for a good hour or so waiting for the guys to come out so I can have my obligatory groupie moment. It was amazing. And Sam was so proud. (Or maybe just extremely embarrassed... yeah, that's probably closer).

Go Cougs.

And, one last picture for good measure:

We had Dominoe boarded that weekend at a kennel where he came home all stinky and dirty. He was thrown into the bath and came out looking like this:

Ahh, I miss that little guy.

29 Weeks

So I've been pregnant for a few weeks OVER half a year now!! I'm getting big and pregnancy is getting painful. My body apparently doesn't handle all these changes too well, and most days I feel like an 80 year old woman, but it's still been a blast.

The baby things are starting to pile up around here and the heap of baby boy clothes is growing. And as much as I promised myself I would stop, I just can't help but buy the occasional pair of baby boy board shorts or little itty bitty miniature polo shirts for Sundays. Watch out ladies, this boy's gonna be a heartbreaker!

Until then, he's just making his momma grow... and I still have 11 more weeks. These pictures are getting more and more painful to put up! Hello not-so-cute-stage of pregnancy, my name is Amy. We'll be getting to know each other well.


  1. My biggest recommendation for this stage of pregnancy: Body Pillow! It's the only way I can get comfortable when my belly starts getting huge (which you are not, bytheway, even if you feel like it)

  2. WHATAVA!!!! You look sooooo cute! I'm dead serious. I'm sorry it's not too comfortable for ya right now. I agree with Laura above, a body pillow could help or just having a pillow between your knees at night.
    I love you, Ames! Remember how we went to school together but I never went to any sporting event because I was always traveling down to Utah to see Carl? Yea, good times! But I do love them Cougs, whether they be blue and white or red and white. :)


  3. "Not so cute?" Are you kidding? You look adorable. But I remember all those aches and pains starting to come on. Hang in there.


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