Friday, December 18, 2009

21 Weeks & Sam Goes to Jail

Ok, so Sam didn't actually go to jail. He did however go to San Francisco on a guys weekend to celebrate Ryan's last weekend of bachelorhood with Ben, and they did visit Alcatraz. Here are some pics from that weekend full of shenanigans.
Headed out to "The Rock."

Just trying out an old jail cell for size... maybe this one was Al Capone's?

They went to a Sacramento Kings game Saturday night and Ryan couldn't pass up this photo-op. I guess he better get his thrills while he can.

So maybe it wasn't all evil shenanigans... they did manage to fit in a trip to the Oakland Temple. It's so gorgeous!!

It sounds like they had a fun trip and hopefully Ryan got some words of wisdom from the two happily married travel companions of Sam and Ben. We're so happy you finally found a girl to put up with you Ryan, and we can't wait for the big day tomorrow!!

21 Week Update
Well I'm over the halfway hump. I don't know how this pregnancy can feel like it's crawling and speeding by all at once.

We got to have another ultrasound yesterday since our 17w one was a bit early and they just wanted to have another look at Baby N's organs when they were a little more developed. I had no problem with that! Bonus ultrasound! Yay :)

He looked great and was super active and wiggling all around. He was pulling his feet up to his mouth and stretching and kicking and moving around like crazy. Here are some of the pics from our Ultrasound...

And here is this week's belly shot!

I definitely have a belly now... And Baby N is moving SO much now! It's so fun to feel him squirming around in there and to know he gets to go everywhere with me. It's probably the only time he'll have to suffer through a spinning class with Mom or work for the Department of Ecology. Kinda fun.

Well that's it for now! Hope everyone is having a happy holiday season!


  1. Loved the look on Ryan's face with the King's dancers. Too funny! Thanks for the pregnancy updates. I look forward to them every week. I'm glad the little guy is doing good. Love ya!

  2. How fun for Sam for a boys weekend away!

    I love your baby. What a cutie! I'm so excited for you. Has Sam felt him anymore? That's probably a stupid question now....please still be my friend.

    Love ya!

  3. Fun update, Ame! Looks like Sam and Ryan had a great time on their trip. And that little Nielson baby is looking cuter and cuter every month! And you are looking foxy as always - especially with that cute tummy! Thanks for posting the pictures and the update!!

    It was so fun having you over for the holidays - I can't wait to come up there and visit!! :)

    LOVE you! xoxo


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