Thursday, December 3, 2009

Big Ultrasound, and...

We had our BIG ultrasound two weeks ago and Baby N. was NOT shy about letting us see HIS parts. He was super active throughout the whole thing and was squirming around and sucking his fingers and waving his arms and sticking out his belly and arching his back and putting on a whole big show!

There was one part though, when the tech wanted to get a profile shot, and all he wanted to do was lay face down. She had me roll to my left side, then back to my right side, then back on my back to see if we could get him to move. Sure enough, he was now looking straight up but quickly rolled over to cover his face again! It was too cute.

She told us we had a "difficult" baby and I could only reply that he is his father's child.

Here are a few of the ultrasound images we got to take home with us :)
Since our ultrasound was so early (17w) and they usually don't do them until 20-21 weeks, we got to schedule another one for 21 weeks! I can't wait. It's two weeks from today and I am so anxious to see our little boy again.

I'm starting to feel him move more and more and yesterday I popped into my Dr's office to hear his heartbeat just for fun. It was beating healthily away at 150 bpm and the nurse had to move the doppler multiple times to find his heart because he kept wriggling away and she would lose him!

I am loving pregnancy and all the planning and am starting to get REALLY excited to shop nursery items and plan a theme. A post regarding preliminary nursery thoughts will be made soon, and so will the 19 w update!!

The weeks are just flying by!


  1. they ARE flying by! pretty soon, they go by even faster. all of a sudden, you have this brand new thing that cries and snuggles and makes you feel like a million bucks...a tired million bucks, but its totally awesome. i can't wait to hear about the nursery. knowing you, its going to blow anything i've done out of the water. good luck!

  2. Thank you for your post!! I've been looking at bedding and all the stuff you need, but haven't bought anything yet. Did buy 2 dresses in the last few days though. I'm so excited and relieved to finally know, which I know you totally understand. Have you bought anything yet?

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