Thursday, December 31, 2009

23 Weeks, A Wedding, & Christmas!

This has to be quick. So my goal is to make it more pictures than words... which is hard for me because I like to story tell. But Ah well, here it goes.

A Wedding

The weekend before Christmas Sam and I drove over to Spokane for our BFF's wedding. Ryan got married! The wedding was gorgeous, the reception was a blast, and we had SO much fun hanging out and pretending to be experts on marriage. Congrats Ryan and Christie!!


Christmas this year was with the Nielson fam. It was a rare year as ALL FIVE Nielson kids were able to be together to celebrate. We had a really good time playing games and eating lots of food with the whole family. And all the grandkids are getting SO cute. We had a blast watching them all play together. It was really good times. Unfortunately, I'm getting ultra awful at taking pictures and I didn't take a single pic all week. I know... it's horrible. So, I have nothing to show for our awesome adventures in Clarkston... sorry!! :(

23 Weeks
Well, I think this is when the weeks start crawling. It feels like they've just flown by til now. I mean... there were huge differences between 13-15-17-19 weeks, but I feel like the 20's are all gonna mush in together. Nonetheless, I've taken a belly shot and there's been some definite growth. Baby Boy N. is growing! AND, he's moving! A lot!

This morning I laid in bed w/ my hand on my belly for a good 10 minutes and just felt him rolling and kicking and swiping at my insides. He was rearing to get up and go this morning! Love that.

Well, that's it for today folks. I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL New Year's Eve celebration and I wish everybody the happiest of New Years!!

2009 was a great year... now bring on 2010!! Woohoo!!


  1. Looking good, sis. Your pictures look cute - you need to wear your hair curly more, it looks cute! Missed you this Christmas but glad you had a fun time. Here's to wishing your time goes fast from here. Just keep busy! Love ya!

  2. Yea, I LOVE your belly!! Can't wait to see more growth!
    Happy New Year!

  3. CHRISTMAS with you guys was FABULOUS.. I love your baby belly! The PICTURES from the wedding are super CUTE!!! TIME will fly by FASTER than you thought possible THIS LAST LITTLE bit:) Happy NEW year.. CAN you believe its 2010, Its SOOO crazy! We LOVE YOU GUYS!! JACI can't wait until AUG when we get to see you guys AGAIN!!! SHE TOLD ME:)

  4. yeah, the 20's really don't mush together. your belly will get gigantic and you'll start wondering what it was like to see your toes. its fun though, because you'll start seeing all kinds of limbs and hands moving around. you're totally cute and i'm sure that baby will be too. good luck with everything!


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