Monday, August 25, 2008

Portion Control, Schmortion Control!

I love that my husband can eat 6x my daily food intake and then get on the scale the next day and say, "What? Down a pound?? Better up the eating!!"

Who said life was fair?

Oh, and in case you're wondering what the ginormous bowl is holding, it is Sam's nutritious after-church-snack of Chocolatey Marshmallow Mateys! I know... we didn't know they existed either!

Needless to say, the bag only lasted 2 days.


  1. I hate that Kasey is the same way. He eats 3 candy bars a day and hasn't gained 1 pound in the last 10 years.

    Except he takes a little different approach to his cereal-eating. He'd rather fill a small bowl 6 times, than use a ginormous bowl once. That way his cereal isn't soggy at the end.

    Makayla came in and saw the picture of Sam and said, "Hey that's Sam. It looks like he's watching a movie." Apparently, in the world of 4-year-olds, remote in hand = watching movie. (shrug)

  2. Sam, you make me sick! Although I do love me a nice bowl of cereal!. We have had the chocolate marshmallow maties, believe it or not. I think they were too sugary for us, believe THAT or not. I know what you are thinking, this coming from a girl whose favorite food is donuts? Crazy! But true. I miss you guys! Now for the last time, come here now and show us your new car. Loves!

  3. Thanks for my morning chuckle! I would think that would get soggy - I prefer to munch on dry cereal with a mug of icy milk - to each his own!

    Miss you guys, too!

  4. Maybe Sam eats it fast and it doesn't get soggy? But it is true regarding the unfairness of men vs. women and quantity of food consumed without packing on the pounds!!! What is that about? And men are considered handsome as they age (Sean Connery, Harrison Ford) and we just turn into old ladies... but old ladies are not too ugly as long as they smile!

  5. Being the sister sucks even worse. I've had to deal with it my whole life. BOOO!

  6. That's a Jethro Bodine bowl he's eating from. Don't worry, at some point the metabolism will slow down. If he's like me it will around 35-38.

    Nice blog.

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