Monday, October 20, 2008


Hairless Bigfoot!!

It's true. He exists, and he roams the shores of the Columbia River just outside of Vancouver, WA. And now I have undeniable proof. Only, the variety that lives around here appears to be hairless.

Real? Fake? An elaborate hoax by yours truly? You be the judge...

Bigfoot's hairless/albino descendant, perhaps? And for your comparing pleasure:

Why would I make this stuff up, people? I mean really... I'd be wasting everyone's time. And isn't it weird how even though I took this picture with my new digital camera, it somehow is all color distorted and hard to make out exactly what is in the picture? I guess Bigfoot has that strange effect on technology around him. We may never know the truth.

Unless you guys really want to know and I'll tell you the whole story and show you the whole slew of pictures I took. But let me warn you... they aren't pretty, and are definitely not for the faint of heart! They just might send chills down your spine and make you rethink everything you ever thought you knew.


  1. Lol! Did I call it or did I call it????

  2. HAHA!! Bigfoot IS totally real you know!! So there has to be one of the poor souls that was born without hair! LOL!! Niiiiice! Funny story! :) (Heidi LOVES stories about Bigfoot btw, and did you know Greg is an eyewitness..?? so there ya have it!)

  3. That's Big Foot?? He looks like naKEY man?? :P

  4. only on the shores of the columbia river...or are you on the willamette? wow, gotta love the great northwest. way to go, you super photographer you. i'm totally impressed!

  5. I am impressed, I think.... I don't get it. Why does it seem like I am the only one who is confused???

  6. And this is the whole reason we want to move back up to the great state of Washington. We are missing out! This is too funny. Thank you Amy, I'm glad we are friends.


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