Thursday, June 3, 2010

5 Weeks Old & Visitors Visitors Visitors!

So apparently when you have one of these little guys (points to picture at top of post) people like to come see ya. This last week we've had lots of family and friends stop by and it's been a blasty blast.

Jason & Jodi

First, Sam's sister Jodi and her husband Jason came to stay for the weekend. We always have a good time with these crazy kids and this time was no exception.

Once she's here, Jodi never wants to put Parker down. She's such a good Auntie! This time it allowed for me to get a much needed shower while Sam was at work. Glorious.

After a morning of watching "Man vs. Food" episodes, we decided we needed to head out somewhere for lunch that could give us a similar experience. Delicious, slightly greasy, and unique food. We went to a burger joint in town that scratched that itch. Sam and Jason both ordered a burger named "The Duke" with two meat patties, bacon, cheese, pineapple, ham, and jalepenos. Freaking delicious.

Ben & Kim

Ben & Kim were passing through the area on Monday and were able to stop by for a bit to say hi. Kim and I got to talk babies and Sam and Ben talked HoopFest.

This is the 3rd year Sam and Ben have played HoopFest together and it's always a pretty good time. The first year they played they were the Champions of their bracket! It was a pretty big deal.

Actually, the whole tournament is a pretty big deal. HoopFest is the biggest 3 on 3 basketball tournament in the world. It's nuts. It's blocks and blocks and blocks of half court basketball games in the streets of Spokane. Like, hoops as far as you can see. It's always super hot out and I usually come home sporting a sweet farmer's tan.

We'll see how it goes this year with a 2 month old. We're hoping to build an early love for basketball for this little guy (who is watching Game 1 of the Celtics vs. Lakers series w/ Sam as we speak). It just might work... I mean, he did decide to come out of my belly the day after we went to the Blazers game, right?

Carl & Devin & Hayden

Devin is about as good of a girlfriend that any girl could ever be lucky enough to have. Did that sentence make sense? Seriously, she's the best. She's my college roomie, bridesmaid, and all around bff.

She's one of those girls you could tell your most embarrassing or shameless moments to and she would probably just laugh and say, "Oh my gosh, that's happened to me too." I love this girl.

Now we're all grown up with husbands and babies. She married a pretty cool guy and they have who I believe is the cutest 2 year old girl currently on the planet.

We don't get to see these guys near enough, but we always try to get together whenever we're in the same state. They stopped by Wednesday night to meet Parker and bring us some cake.

Mmmm. Cake.

Although our visits are never long enough, it's always so much fun to see these guys and we can only hope we live closer some day!! We're gonna have to, if Parker and Hayden are going to live happily-ever-eternally-after as their parents are planning them to...


  1. OH so much cuteness! Parker continues to amaze... Glad you have had such a socially fun week! Love ya!

  2. AWWW Parker is ADORABLE! I agree JODI is a GREAT AUNTI! I miss you guys!!! Thanks for the comments on our blog.. I LOVE reading them:) HAHA A baby belly photo will come soon.. YIPEE! More BABIES!!! HAHA Give parker HUGS fo us!!

  3. Thanks, Amy. That was very sweet to read. I LOVE hanging out with you and your cute little family. Parker is soooo cute and I am so happy for you guys. Someday we will live in the same state and Hayden and Parker will indeed live happily ever eternally after.

  4. Ahh, SO cute! You can add Bekah to the list of visitors.. And hopefully me, at some point! And "Lock Up Your Daughters" ? That's to die for!


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