Wednesday, April 15, 2015

halfway through april & all is well

whoa, how are we seriously half way through april already?  make it slow down, please?  parker turns five in less than two weeks & the days just keep on going on by.

life has been picking up lately but does it ever slow down? doesn't seem like it.  i've been working a bit more, shuttling both kids to school (elliot's doing a three hour play group once a week) & working on my fitness.

guys, i'm serious when i say trying to get back in shape is time con-sum-ing.  we need more hours in the day!  but if you want to follow my fitness journey you can check out my instagram dedicated to it at  it's been fun & i have big goals that i'm hoping to smash.  they involve large muscles & a lot less junk in my diet.  check it out!  but i'm not gonna apologize for all the selfies.  sorry dudes.  it just comes with the territory.

on that note, you know what else is time consuming?  cooking a lot & eating fresh, healthy food.  meal planning so that your fridge is stocked with good stuff & then eating it all before it goes bad.  which reminds me, did you know that people today are spending more money at restaurants than they are on their own groceries?  crazy, right?  eating out less is definitely on my to do list.

here are a few glimpses of what we've been up to.  celebrated easter with lots of candy & tasty food, spent all kinds of time outside, spent all kinds of time inside & went on a few adventures.  later dudes!

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  1. OMG you're back! The boys have gotten SO big! Totally random but it took me a while to catch on to the fact that you all are in the PNW. I've been over here like gosh it sure is pretty where she lives all while planning to move there (sometime in 2016). LOL


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