Monday, December 5, 2016

december so far

i'm just gonna throw this out here to start... i love my december photos so far.  i'm trying to embrace the darker, dreary days & find beauty in them.  there have been so many days where it's too dark to shoot come 3:00 so i've gotta be on top of it & use a little creativity too.  lately i've been trying to find interesting compositions, notice good light & work on consistency.  it's always a big work in progress.

we're only five days into the month & not a lot goin on.  we did get our christmas tree though!  we went to the cutest little u-cut farm over in washougal & found our little tree.  i was feeling the charlie brown vibes this year & talked my family into picking a natural noble.

oh & we're in week two of brooks' neuter recovery, he's driving me insane.  i'm literally typing this at the same time as playing tug of war with him to try & get even the smallest bit of energy out of him.  for a dog that is used to running off leash for an hour every day, one week with no dog parks is killing us all very quickly.  it totally takes me back to the newborn/toddler days of blogging one handed while trying to bounce a baby in the other.  get a puppy the said, it'll be fun they said!


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