Monday, July 10, 2017

parker // impromptu photo shoot

this kid is just the cutest.  he's home for the summer & we've settled in to a pretty nice little lazy routine of no routine.  both kids have a couple camps & swimming lessons this summer but for the most part we're taking it easy breezy.  the other day i found him just laying on my bed staring at the ceiling so i snuggled up for a sec which turned into tickles & then i was standing on the bed looking down on him & realized, this is a photo op.  ha!  such is life as a photographer.  i told him not to move & i ran to grab my camera.

i love these so much.

elliot came in towards the end & wasn't into pictures... he just wanted to wrestle.  i mean, that's just kinda how it is around here.  ya take what you can get.


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