Saturday, June 28, 2008

Early Morning Adventure

This weekend is the 3rd Annual Nielson Family Reunion. It is taking place in exciting Clarkston, WA... Sam's homeland. We had to work Thursday and wanted to be there as early as possible on Friday, so rather than leaving after work for the 6 hour drive and arriving at 1 or 2 am, we opted to get a few hours of sleep and set out first thing in the morning.

Well, apparently my definition of early morning is a bit different than Sam's. I was thinking we'd leave around 4 or 5ish, no sweat, I get up that early to go to the gym all the time. Sam on the other hand had his mind set on getting up at 2am and being on the road by 2:30. He's a bit eager for some Nielson family bonding. I said, more power to ya Samm-o, long as you take that first shift of driving. And that's exactly what happened. We were all packed up the night before and set out at 2:30 am in PJs, with Dominoe and a bag of Costco muffins, Friendship Bread, and assorted fruit in tow. I love this kinda stuff cuz it makes me feel like a kid again, and like we're on some sort of crazy adventure.

You know who else likes this stuff?


I already have all kinds of pics from stuff we've done since we've been here... but that will have to be saved for another post!


  1. Oh Sam, you crazy kid. You must love you some Family reunion fun to wake up that early! And Dominoe....I miss you old pal! Amy, I love Costco muffins. I wish I could have gone on this crazy adventure and have me some delicious Costco muffins with you. Another time, another time.

  2. Wow, that is way early Amy! Sounds like a fun adventure though!! OOoohh to be on a roadtrip somewhere without 4 screaming kids that have to go the bathroom every 10 mins.. heaven! haha :)

  3. Ok, so that is about as close as you get to proving that dogs actually smile.


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