Saturday, June 28, 2008

Goin' "Up River"

Well, if you live in Lewiston or Clarkston, you are very familiar with this term. It is what all "Valley" folk live for... goin up the Snake River and playing on the beach. I officially got my first full body sunburn of the season and Sam once again proved to me that all Nielsons love to invent games and turn every possible moment into a competition.

For example, could Sam jump completely over a 10' raft? You be the judge...

(*note: This is TOTALLY worth watching, and is only 3 seconds long. Ok, you might not think it's as funny as I do, but it makes me laugh when I watch it... every. single. time.)

And, wanna know how I know Sam is going to be a great dad? This video is a 10 second snippet of what he spent 4 hours on the beach in 95 degree weather doing. I kinda like this guy.


  1. Oh man, Amy that is hilarious!! Totally made me laugh too!! Great vidoes - can't believe Sam pulled that huge thing with kids on it through water!! That must have been dang tiring!!! What a guy! :) That looks WAY fun though, can't wait for Bear Lake!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Amy, Sam is a funny guy. He's like a real life stunt man. Awesome.
    However I have been having difficulty viewing some pictures on others' blogs and the same thing is happening here with your second video. It is no where to be seen when I come to your blog. I see the first video just fine, but there is no second video. That sucks. I like your videos. I want more.

  3. Yeah, we thought it was funny here too. Erin made me play it at least ten times!

  4. We will be there from the 3-8......I'm excited to see you guys and I'm so glad you get to meet Hayden!!! Guess what we just ate? Yep, frozen pizza. It was delicious. Let us know about Sam's parents. We'll be in touch.

  5. It looked like he just kinda flopped over it. I can't believe you guys are not down for the 4th. that's nucking futs.

  6. How fun!!! I'm glad you have a blog now so I can dream of the day that I will start one too!


  7. I love your blog! I love that you post on it all the time, too. Welcome to the blog family cult. Hahaha

  8. The videos are good, but being there in real life was sooo much better!


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