Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Post Reunion Update

We're home!! The Nielson Family reunion is officially over and it was a blast. We did all sorts of fun things and I got a ton of great pictures.

However, I managed to get away from Clarkston with some sort of freak cold. My head hurts, my neck is stiff, my nose is runny, and I should be in bed... but what am I doing? Blogging!! Despite my total and undivided loyalty to this blog, I'm still going to have to cut it short. So, tonight I just want to wet your appetite and post some pics from our "hike" up to Kamiak Butte.

Why is hike in quotations you ask? Because it's a measly 1/2 mile jaunt to the top! I guess in the Palouse (aka: the land of rolling hills) we'll take whatever sort of peak we can get!

The view from the top... You can see both Moscow, ID and Pullman at the same time!

My very own Mountain Man, captured during a rare moment in time... smiling!! (Bonus!!)

And lastly, the token couple shot with stunning scenery in the background...

So after our little 1/2 mile hike in 90 degree weather that may have burned roughly 200 calories, what is there left to do? Eat 1000 calorie Blizzards at DQ of course!! Duh!! Ahhh man, gotta love Family Reunions!!


  1. It makes me happy when you blog, oh the rolling hills.


    PS I'm making an offer on a house!!

  2. Great photos, Amy - That part of the country has its own airy, sarene beauty...

  3. So fun to see the good ol' Palouse again! Man I miss it there, those were some good times, good times! We hiked that very path many a time, and I have some great pics of that very spot - oh, the memories! Looks like you had lots of fun with Sam's fam, and those are very cute pictures - you happy kids!

  4. If I had known you were looking to burn more calories I would have gladly handed over the crappy stroller with the 25 pound kid in it. The extra resistance helped me burn an additional 800 calories. I'm sure of it! That totally would have taken care of that blizzard.

    The view was breathtaking and totally worth the effort of getting to the top.


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