Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dominoe - We miss you!

Ok, so today has been hard. Why lie about it?? We got out of the house yesterday and spent some time in the 'Couve w/ Jodi and Jason. That was probably a good thing. However, a quiet Sunday afternoon in the house which has historically been Sam, Amy, and Dominoe family time has been rough. No little dog going in and out of the house with Sam while he BBQs, no dog curled up at the foot of the couch during our family nap, and no Sunday evening walk. We miss him a lot! We just keep telling ourselves, he is in a much better place. Isn't it amazing though, how quickly we forget all the bad things? I even thought to myself today, was cleaning up his messes 6 times a day really that bad? Yeah, it was... considering it was occurring because it was either too painful for him to stand up and go to the door, or because he had just plain lost neurological function of his hind end. It was for the best.

Let me just tell you guys... enjoy what you have!! You will not realize how much you love something until it's gone. Really. All the good times really make the hard times worth it. Definitely. Don't set yourself up for a situation where you wonder, "did I give everything I could have??" Cliche, but true.

To everyone that has left comments, sent emails, given phone calls, or drawn pictures and sent them in the mail ( - Thanks Jodi & Briannda ;) it is truly appreciated. Even though his little presence will be missed for a good long time, I know every day will get easier. We'll realize a bit of freedom that comes with not having a dog for a while, and when the time is right... we'll find another little furry friend to bless our lives. We're really trying to focus on how fun he was to have and celebrate his life. That's much more fun to think about!! I mean, I had this dog since I was 12! He had been through so much with me and just absolutely loved us unconditionally right up to the end.

Before we left the hospital, we took some prints of his little paws. I am so happy my sister Heidi helped me come up with the idea because I love this little piece of him that is left with us in the house. I'm not quite sure what we're going to do with them just yet... I think we'll probably put them in a frame with a picture and his little "Dominoe" dog tag and find somewhere we can put it up.

Seeing these little feet make me so happy! I guess Alfred Lord Tennyson (yes, I looked it up!) knew what he was talking about when he said, "'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all."

We love you and will miss you Dominoe!


  1. Those prints look soo cute! I'm glad I thought to tell you about it so you can have another reminder of Dominoe!! :)

  2. I still have tears in my eyes. I'm sorry you have to go through this but he is in a better place now and he is happy Dominoe! I love the little prints. I think your plan sounds great to frame them. love you!

  3. You sure know how to write a tear-jerker Amy. I think you're definitely onto an idea with the framing of the paw prints...which by the way is probably the best idea I've ever heard. Just hang in there because every day it will get better. We love you guys!!!

  4. Wow. I'm sorry. All of the sudden I wish the shoes Dominoe peed on that lovely weekend getaway were mine. That way I'd still have his scent with me forever. Ryan better appreciate what hes got. All of the sudden, Dominoe's piercing odor which seemed to linger after a day in our apartment alone, doesn't seem so bad. Or when I'd be woken up by his wagging tail smacking me in the face while I slept on the couch. It all seems to turn into something good. A memory of a wonderful dog that we would of never had, if he weren't here. I love you, Dominoe.

  5. I too will miss Dominoe. I never fully appreciated the scent that Dominoe left on my shoes that day until now. I still have the shoes and will never get rid of them. I just wish that I could go back to Pullman and take a piece of that carpet that Dominoe defecated on.


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