Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Husband!

I know it seems like just yesterday that I was blogging about my birthday (actually it was 2 days ago) but now it's time to recognize another birthday in the Nielson household... Sam's!! His birthday was yesterday, and if I hadn't been so busy celebrating his birthday all day yesterday I probably could have blogged about it on the actual day. Anyways, it's probably a better sign that I was off doing other things rather than spending time on the computer on my husband's birthday, right?

So, we celebrated Sam's 29th birthday yesterday... how you ask? Well, he spent the first half of the day playing golf in a Parametrix company golf tournament while I was at the gym. But don't worry, it gets better... what does my husband choose to do on his birthday when he could do anything he wanted? He takes me shopping!! Do I have the best husband in the world or what? And that's what we did for a good portion of the day... went shopping at Southcenter.

I think maybe he was buttering me up for the next part of the day: going home to watch college football and eat pizza. Hey, that was just fine by me! If that's how the birthday boy wants to spend his day then by all means, it's what we're gonna do.

So now our birthdays have come and gone and we're left being a year older but not really feeling much different. Unless you count all the wise thoughts that have just been coming to me lately... I have had some pretty good insight on things these last two days. Coincidence? I think not!

I'm actually quite excited to grow old with Sam. Mostly because I think he'll look very George Clooney-esque when he gets all salt and peppery. But aging does have it's high points, right? I mean we're building up our past here and with every day that goes by we're just adding to our memories. Cheesy but true. Four years have gone by since Sam and I started making memories. Another birthday shared together means another year has come and gone and we're moving into the next with more opportunities to do things we'll look back on years from now.

This picture is of Sam and me at Pike Place Market right after we had come home from our first big trip together: Washington, D.C. Since then we've ventured to at least one new city every year. These have included Vegas, San Francisco, Baltimore, Victoria, and Vancouver B.C. I can't wait to watch another 4 years go by and expound on this list and build up our history together!

So Sam-wise, here's to another year of traveling, playing, working, hanging out, weekend-tripping, hiking, baseball/football/basketball/ (enter-sport-here)-watching, and making memories together-ing.

Happy Birthday Husband!!


  1. I was waiting until you posted on here to wish Sam a happy just didn't seem right to post it under your birthday post! Hope you had a really great day Sam!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Sam!!We are the same age for about a month, you should feel special!:) It sounded like a great day!

  3. Happy Birthday, Sam! Glad you guys had a fun day. That sounds like my idea of a fun day - working out, shopping, and then football - and I'm not kidding!

    Oh - you didn't mention Salt Lake in your "big city" trips - make sure you add that one:)

  4. Amy I am so proud that you shared your heritage with Sammy! He really pulls off that hat. :)

  5. :) I Love Jodi's comment! haha she is so funny! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAM!! We miss you guys and hope you both had gRRRRRRReat birthdays!!

  6. Hey Amy! How are things? I saw your blog on Shelley's and wanted to say hi. Hope you guys are doing well!

  7. hey amy-i just ranted on my blog about not being recognized on my birthday, so i thought i'd say it to you both. happy birthday amy and sam!! andy and i's are really close together too. by the way, your words were chessy, yes, but also very inspiring. here's to marriage and memories! how's that for cheesy?? hope you have a fabulous rest of the week

  8. Hey good to hear from you....Oh yeah, that's right, I haven't heard from you!!!! I feel so come to my house, I give you a grand tour of the great city of "Othello," I take you on a private hunting excursion, (free) and then you leave, never to be heard of again!!!! lol!! Looks like you guys are doing well. I'm sorry to hear about Dominoe.
    My wife and I are in Georgia until the end of January and then we'll be moving to Bellingham, so we'll have to hang out then. Take care!!! Jake

  9. Hey i am just letting you know that Kris got another blog. It is Now you can change it and see whats going on with her.

  10. Hi there! I was browsing blogs of people I know and came across yours. Hope all is well! You have a cute little family. Take care!

    Tina (Bulson)


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