Saturday, September 6, 2008

When I Say "GO" You Say...


Woohoo!! It's that time again, time for Cougar Football! Last weekend Sam, his sister and her husband (Jodi and Jason), Sam's Dad, and I continued on the tradition of going to the Cougar football game in Seattle. Every game day follows a distinct pattern, as follows:

1. Waking up early and watching "College Gameday" on ESPN and getting all excited about college football. We watch for the WSU flag being waved in the background by proud fellow Alumni and feel the pride of being Cougs.

2. Putting on my Coug gear. Consists of football jersey or WSU sweatshirt and hat or visor.

3. Driving to the game, honking and waving at other Coug fans who are also all dressed up and clearly going to the same game.

4. Getting to the stadium... everyone is excited, there is Cougar pride everywhere, and with every 10 minutes that go by the crowd cheers, "20 minutes til Cougar Football, Woooo!!!" until it's go time.

5. The team runs onto the field with a bang of the Cougar canyon, Butch T. Cougar is running around or driving on a 4 wheeler, cheerleaders are doing flips and other crazy things are going on.

*It should be noted, that this is the high point of the game usually, for most Coug fans... because from this point on, it's all downhill.

6. The game is played... this usually consists of many incompleted passes, or quite a few "3 and outs."

7. More often than not, the Cougs lose, we get so mad, and we go home.

8. Next Saturday comes, and we repeat.

Gotta love being a Cougar.

Sam and I at a point in the game where there must have still been some hope... we don't look totally distraught yet!

I'm clearly the only person still excited to be at the game at this point...

Jodi and Jason... so happy to be here!

Go Cougs!!


  1. Go Cougs!!!! ..But that would be the BYU Cougars! Ha ha, just kiddin'. I was just going to post about football too! Don't you love Football season?

    Glad to see you bloggin'!

  2. Hooray! I get to cheer for both cougs. It's great! Did you like how BYU beat Washington today....we pretty much liked it a lot. Go Cougs! Hopefully WSU will see some wins this year:)

  3. Hey cute pics. Love the one of Jason. Go Cougs! Kris

  4. I sure miss WSU! I really want to go to the game on the 27th! I'll try calling you tomorrow to discuss somethings!
    I do love that you are a die-hard COUGAR FAN no matter what! Its what I admire in a girl!

  5. Kasey is so jealous! He really wants to go to a Cougar game. Maybe next year.

  6. :) Happy Birthday today!! We hope you have a great celebration:) we miss you guys!!!!


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