Sunday, November 6, 2011

our week by iPhone - week 51

ummm, did anyone else notice that in one more week we will have done an entire YEAR in iPhone pics??  wow.  i have loved doing this & i love going back & seeing what our weeks consisted of.  although, i can pretty much always sum up each week by saying "we went to stroller strides, we hung out with friends, parker was cute, sam & parker wrestled before bed, bath time, repeat."  but hey, at least it's documented right?

here's last week.

monday.  we started halloween off by workin out with pumpkins at stroller strides.  what better way to work out on halloween than by crunching while holding a 25 pound pumpkin?  then we came home & made some witch hat halloween cookies {which were delicious} & got ready for some serious trick or treating & halloween partying with friends.

tuesday.  after a morning of stroller strides & dancing around the house, i headed out to shoot a family session & parker got to go over to kaylee's house to play & watch movies.  he totally pulled the, "oooh i'm scared, i need to scoot closer to you" move with her during beauty & the beast.  he's got game.

that night sam had to work a little late so parker & i headed to taco del mar for some burritos & a mommy-son date night.  he makes a pretty cute little date, if i do say so myself.

wednesday.  wednesday started off a little rocky after parker got a pretty mean goose egg on the ol noggin.  but after a four hour nap we decided to turn our day around & head out to get peppermint hot chocolate {my first of the season!} & play with friends at our favorite fabric shop.

i've never seen him have so much fun at a fabric store before... but i guess rolling around on a bean bag pillow with a cute little girl will make just about anything fun, right?

thursday.  after a long day at work {i was kinda exhausted from a late night of workin on my website}, i got to relax at girl's night out with my besties at the spa!  facials & food & girl talk is pretty much the recipe for a perfect night.  and then i got to go home to my cute little boy sound asleep & lookin cute.  win win.

friday started off with tickles from kaylee at stroller strides & some goofy lunch time antics.  then sam came home early from work & i headed out to shoot a super cute family session!  i'm gonna be so sad when all these fall leaves shrivel up & go away... they are making for AMAZING pictures.

then we headed down to portland to shop at the nike employee store for WSU alumni night.  parker was NOT impressed with our mascot, butch. t. cougar.  it's ok, he'll come around.  we shopped til we dropped & walked out of there with eight pairs of shoes.  don't worry, it wasn't all for us.  but that little white box on top of all those orange ones?  some sweet new kicks for parker.  can't wait to show them off!

that was our week!  how was yours?  i wanna see, so link up!

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  1. looks like a good week. i need a spa day real bad! :)

  2. SO CUTE! Love Parker's little grin. WOW a year of iPhone Pics?? That's awesome!!

  3. We lifted pumpkins at stroller strides too! Only I'm pretty sure mine weighed about 2 pounds.

  4. Poor buddy with the goose egg! Spa time sounds fun!!

  5. I love how Parker always looks so incredibly happy :)

  6. I love this and I am your newest follower and will be linking up!

  7. looks like a fun week! Love the witch hat cookies :)


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