Monday, November 28, 2011

our week by iPhone - week 54

well, we're back.  and just like every other vacay i have mixed emotions about being home.  on one hand we're back in our own beds on our normal routine in the normal swing of things however boring it may be, it's also kinda nice.  but mostly?  boo!  vacation's over.

we had an awesome time.  you may have noticed it was pretty much crickets over here on the ol' blog because on this trip?  vacation meant vacation.  besides some internet surfing & some facebook checking, i spent last week's long weekend pretty much unplugged & it was niiiiccce.  i realized going to bed before 1:00 am & at the same time as sam was kinda awesome.  and that watching a movie without a computer on your lap & a blog post hanging over your head is pretty sweet too.

i needed that time away.  and i also realized that i probably need to start putting less pressure on myself about this here blog.  my sleep & my sanity & my family are pretty much priorities numero uno & that's gonna mean a lot less late nights staying up with the interwebz.  but this is probably info for another post...

anywho, here's our week!

{pilgrim babies.  family picture outfits.  road trip lunch.  
driving over the snowy pass.  hanging out.  mini mozart.  
baby hangout.  thanksgiving feasting.  my grandma & grandpa!  
ryan, christie, parker & duncan.  parker & duncan going for a walk.  driving home.}

i wasn't too great about taking millions of pictures every day.  i managed to get a few snapshots here & there & this is what we ended up with.

we trekked over the mountains to spend thanksgiving with our friends ryan & christie & their cute little five month old, duncan.  we got to see lots of friends & family, meet a new baby & visit with my amazing 98 year old grandma & 92 year old grandpa!  and i am so excited to have these pictures with parker & his great-grandparents.

hope everyone had an awesome holiday & are as excited as i am for christmas!  i am totally a you-don't-celebrate-christmas-until-after-thanksgiving kinda girl so now i'm totally ready to go full swing into christmas mode this week.  bring on the music, the decorations & the shopping.  hooray!

happy monday friends.

that was our week!  how was yours?  i wanna see, so link up!

Game Rules:
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  1. I'm glad you had a nice, relaxing time! Those are the best :) but routine and normal is nice too. I totally kick into Christmas-gear the second thanksgiving is over....soooo excited!!

  2. So awesome that Parker was able to meet your great grandparents. I have also been taking time off from my blog for family time and house guests. Parker looks so cute with all the other little ones!!

  3. Yay for relaxing vacations! We just watched a movie last night without laptops, and it was so nice. I think I need to make some kind of New Year's resolution about unplugged time.

  4. glad you got a nice relaxing vacation! love the pilgrim picture!!!

  5. Love that photo of Parker pushing Duncan in the stroller!

  6. Glad you had a great mini vacation! I totally know how you feel about actually being unplugged by this whole internet stuff. My hubby and I actually came up with an agreement that I wouldn't be on the computer once we put the kids to bed. Which is at 9pm. From 9pm and on is our me time and watch movies (without my laptop) He totally hated that I had my laptop with me while we watched movies LOL

  7. Sounds like it was a wonderful vacation! So happy you got some time to relax :) And you're absolutely right- I love blogging but the whole point is it's supposed to be fun- putting pressure or stress on yourself about it defeats the purpose

  8. looks like an awesome break and holiday. i don't think you should feel any pressure, at all, to blog. it's for you, right? someday, when you look back, you'll care about what you did as a fam, not what you blogged about. duh. i know you know that, but i just mean you shouldn't have to worry. you can do what you want, and we'll all be happy to read when you write about it :)

  9. Great INSTAGRAM pics I find I use INSTAGRAM more than my actual camera lol !

  10. Glad you got to relax! :) Love Parker in his pilgrim hat lol

  11. Glad you had a good week. About the blogging, I've read a couple of fascinating posts recently by a woman whose blog I used to follow. I love this quote from her post: "There is sometimes a dark underbelly to blogging where the pretty posts come at the expense of real life lived."

    If you;re in the mood for an interesting, thought-provoking read:

    Wrote this when she decided to stop blogging:

    And her essay -- reflections months after her decision:

  12. OMG I love the Pilgrim Babies!! And how nice that Parker got to meet the great grandparents...time is precious and those are pics you'll cherish forever!

  13. Love those pilgrim hats! Looks like a fun week- hope you guys had a good Thanksgiving :)
    Oh, and I'm so excited- I finally got a smart phone so I can link up to week in phone pix! (next week)

  14. Love all of these, looks like a great weekend!! I unplugged this weekend too and it was great, time to just think and be present in the moment. Sometimes we all need that!!

  15. Good for you! So glad you were able to unplug during your vacay (but I'm glad you're back too!)! It's really nice, isn't it?!


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