Sunday, January 22, 2012

our week by iPhone - week 62

holy schmoly.

this week has been nutso my friends.  nutso.  and it continues to be.  let me start off by saying that snowmageddon?  was real.  it was ruthless & took the pacific northwest by storm... fer reals.  we lost power at our house thursday morning & as of this moment on sunday morning there's still no power at our house.  it's awesome you guys.  awesome.

ok not really that awesome.

but actually we are so lucky.  we've been staying at sam's sister's place since thursday night & have been made to feel totally at home & are probably gonna be here til our electricity gets fixed {which isn't estimated to happen til tuesday!}.  i'm just so grateful we have a warm place to call our home-away-from-home!

so here's what our week looked like:

monday morning we woke up to a blanket of snow & spent most the morning watching more come down.  we played inside & snuggled until we finally got our teeth brushed & headed out in the snow to get some provisions.  parker reallllly thought he needed some cool big boy toy story underwears.  some day p-ray... some day.

tuesday.  snow continued to fall most the day so i bundled us up for some good ol fashioned snow-play.  parker had to spend some time recovering on the couch before heading out again for more provisions.  it's a tough life that kid has.

i took a quick snapshot of the snow tuesday night before bed as it started to come down in sheets as predicted.  i still never expected to wake up to as much snow as we did wednesday morning.

wednesday morning we woke up to thirteen inches of snow.  that's a lot for the pacific northwest you guys.  we're not well equipped for that much snow & it basically shuts cities down.  sam worked from home & p-ray & i did a good job of letting him be productive by playing puzzles & staying busy with other indoor shenanigans.

after sam finished his work, he spent about an hour shoveling our driveway so we could get out & stock up on necessities.  like pizza fixins & chocolate milk.  just the essentials.

the roads were horrrrible & not even the interstate was plowed.  we managed to get to the store & back in our two-wheel drive sedan but not without a shovel & some de-icer in the trunk just in case.

thursday.  this is when it got really crazy.  our power went out at about 7:00 am & we spent most the morning in our cold house listening to branches crash down due to the weight of their ice & snow covered branches.  it for reals sounded like gun shots & made me jump every time.

we ended up heading over to our good friends' tim & lindsey's for most the day since they were one of the few lucky ones in town with power.  parker & their little girl spent the day playing {he was SO excited to finally have another kid to play with for the first time all week}, sam got some work done & the rest of us watched movies & enjoyed the warmth.

so then, after finding out that most hotels in the area were without power & not wanting to not drive all the way to portland to sam's sister's place in the crazy weather, we headed home to get stuff to stay the night at tim & lindsey's.  we were stopped by a huge tree in the road on our way home & realized just how bad things were.    power lines were flung about the streets like litter & trees were snapped left & right like twigs.  it was unlike anything we'd ever seen.

we grabbed enough stuff from our house to last us a few days & headed back to tim & lindsey's only to have the power go out five minutes after we got there.  awesome.

we made the trek down to portland & have been here ever since.

friday.  sam spent a good chunk of the day getting some work done but somehow found the time for wrestle breaks.  parker relaxed by snuggling with his blanket & baby & then later begged us for a bunny at the pet store.  ok maybe he wasn't really begging but i'm pretty sure he needs one.

that was our crazy week!  how was yours?  i wanna see, so link up!

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  1. That pic of him "recovering" is awesome. Such a crazy storm. Hope you get to to back home soon... To a warm house!

  2. call me crazy but i'm jealous of you cause you live where it snows! except for the whole power outage thing. that sucks. i hope you guys get to go back to your house soon.

  3. That is crazy - hope you guys are still staying warm! So glad you got to your destination safely. His recovery shot is precious! And, he looks like such a big boy brushing his teeth!!

  4. Wow, that sounds crazy! I hope the power comes up sooner than Tuesday for y'all! Stay warm!

  5. Minus the power outages, I am so jealous!! It's like 80 degrees here in Louisiana and doesn't feel like winter at all! Thank God yall were ale to find a safe, warm place to stay. Enjoy your little getaway and get home safe!

  6. ggeezzzz. i want snow. some of it. but, i do not wish for a powerless home.

    stay warm

  7. Is he putting his baby to bed? So cute! Hasn't this been the WEIRDEST week ever? I want normal life back but I have a feeling it's going to be a rough start to the week!

  8. That photo of Parker recovering on Tuesday is just too much.

  9. My link posted twice? Sorry!

    Holy snow batman! Hope you're staying warm! I'll send some warm wished all the way from Sunny Arizona :)

  10. We don't have snow here ( I thought we would at some point - it's so cold!), but it's been raining SO much! We went to a party two hours away and it was flooding on the freeway and everything... CRAZY!

  11. oh my goodness!! That's just crazy. I'm in central NC and we don't get a ton of snow or ice, but when we do, it's a BFD like it is there. Ice storms are so scary! PS. I'm linking up for the first time, so excited to finally get my butt in gear and do it :)

  12. Hi. That is one crazy week and a TON of snow!! Your little man is so cute! I loved reading about your week!

  13. what a crazy storm!!! glad you all had a warm place to stay!!

  14. sounds so crazy! but i loved this post. i always love them, but this one was just great. i just love how cute your little fam. just the every day stuff that seems like so much fun because you're together. is that weird? maybe i'm just relating it to my own little fam. anyway. i hope you get to go home soon! but i'm glad you have somewhere to stay. crazy stuff!

  15. wow! how crazy! i am so glad you guys are safe and warm! hope you get electricity soon!! cute pics as always!! :)

  16. Wow that's a whole lotta snow! I'm a little jealous you guys get to experience that (the snow) but I'm sure there is such thing as too much snow. Glad you guys are ok and get power back soon.

  17. well..winter is for fires, football and staying warm!!

  18. Sounds like a crazy week! Hope this week is calmer :D

  19. Wow that was a crazy week! Glad your power is restored. Ours goes out whenever the wind blows (seems to anyway). I love your snowy shots!!


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