Sunday, January 29, 2012

our week by iPhone - week 63

i seriously had to do a double take at my pictures from earlier this week & think hard if that was actually this week.  because it feels like for-EVER ago.  it has been a long & good & exhausting week.

here it is through iPictures {i totes made "iPictures" up.  what now apple?}

monday.  we got up at the crack of dawn & drove the two hours from sam's sister's in portland back up home so sam could go to work.  unfortunately, our house was still powerless & the thermostat said it was 45 degrees inside... awesome.  parker & i left.

we spent the day hanging out with friends but later when i ran home to pic up another night's worth of sleepover-supplies i was greeted by about 15 power trucks in my neighborhood working to get all the lines fixed.  i may have cried happy tears.  apparently five days without power made me a little emotional.

that was parker's last night curled up in a pack n play for a while.  he did so awesome though on our nomadic adventures... he's such a champ.

tuesday.  we had stayed with our friends tim & lindsey so parker got to have an early morning playdate with cami before we headed out to stroller strides.  she is obviously giving me the "ok, it's time for this kid to quit playing with my toys & for you guys to leave" glare.  obviously.

after stroller strides {where parker opted to climb on random objects rather than pose in a picture with me} we went home to... A HOUSE WITH POWER!!  it was amazing.  i cranked the heat & parker reacquainted himself with all his toys.  he may have sat in a corner for a solid half hour reading his favorite books.

the not so amazing part?  clearing out my entire freezer & fridge of rotten/spoiled food.  but watching sam & parker run the aisles of costco to restock it almost kinda made up for it.  and so did curling up with "hunger games" & some oreos to end the day.  that kinda makes up for anything.

wednesday.  we were so happy to be in our warm cozy house on wednesday that we may or may not have never even left the house.  maybe we also spent the whole day in our pajamas.  except parker... he bathed.  and then it was back in pajamas.

thursday.  i went to work for the first time in a month!  vacation, sick kid & then snowmaggedon had kept me away so i drove happily in for a day at the office & parker had an awesome day with his sitter playing with one of the largest collections of thomas the train i've ever seen.  pretty sure he spent the night dreaming of five thousand foot long wooden tracks carrying his three thousand foot long thomas train collection.  he was in choo-choo heaven.

friday.  the sun was out & there wasn't a rain drop forecasted for the whole day so despite the crispy 35 degrees outside, parker & i went to the zoo with a bunch of our favorite mamas.  the zoo was almost completely empty & the kiddos had a blast running from exhibit to exhibit.  i foresee lots of zoo trips in our future.

friday night was really exciting.  i finished "hunger games" {uh-mazing!!} and sam played a little playstation for the first time in two years.  and parker?  pretty sure he spent most the night running his thomas trains around the top of our coffee table over & over & over again.  it's pretty much his favorite thing.

that was our week!  how was yours?  i wanna see, so link up!

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  1. great pictures as always!! i love the moments you capture!! oh and hunger games and oreos?? my kind of night!! :)

  2. I've been following your blog for a little while, but have never commented. Mention of the Hunger Games made me do so ;) Amaaaaaazing series. I couldn't stop reading them. Looks like yall had a fun week - glad your heat is back!

  3. Glad you are back home now! I may have to try Hunger Games next. The aquarium looks fun!!

  4. I have been following your blog for awhile, but I was wondering what font did you use for the menu bar? I have seen it on many other blogs, but can't seem to find it.

  5. lovely pictures. Parker still so adorable :) Glad your power is back x

  6. Yay your power's back on! Like always, these are awesome photos & P-ray is still the cutest kid EVER!

  7. love the zoo picture!!! i read the hunger games books to! love them! :)

  8. yay! Power is back!! I WANT TO READ HUNGER GAMES! that movie looks awesome toO!!!

  9. Happy your life is back to normal now! I'm glad you liked Hunger Games! So addicting, right? Tim and I read those last year and it was pretty bad...I don't think we really spoke to each other for a week or two because one of us was always in a book. :)

  10. I can't believe you guys were without power for SO long! You're such troopers! I'm so glad you're back home and cozy and back to "normal".

  11. I love the pics of sleeping P, especially his last night in the pack'n'play - oh so cute!

    Glad your power is back! Sorry about losing all that fridge/freezer food :(

  12. Ugh, being without power SUCKS. Ours went out for just a little while during one of the storms and I still had to totally clean out the fridge. I'm glad you had somewhere to go - and a good week afterwards!

  13. Bless your heart! Being without power like that sucks!

  14. that was a long time without!

  15. mmm Hunger Games and oreos! I just let my 12 yr old read the series over the weekend and she's on her second go-round with them. Soo good! Great pics!!

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. I'm a new blogger that has been following you for a while. Excited to be linking up for the first time!

  18. The Iphone is really worth it since it has the capability of taking clear pictures. Thanks.


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