Saturday, March 31, 2012

our week by iPhone - week 72

we made it to the weekend my friends & it was a pretty good week leading up to it.  my mom was in town all week & some good times were had.  i do have a twenty-one week bump post coming up but it'll have to wait til monday... we've been having too much fun.

here's what it looked like in pictures!

monday.  i took p-ray & the bump out for a run monday morning in the sun & crisp air.  felt pretty awesome.  back at home there was face squishing & wrestling... which is just business as usual when you're the mom to an energetic little boy.

monday night we took my mom downtown to a couple of our favorite local spots.  a sandwich shop for dinner & a cupcake shop for dessert.  parker's excitement was apparent all the way through bathtime.  that's pretty much what i looked like all night too.

tuesday.  parker & i started the morning off with some wrestling while my mom made major headway on new curtains for my living room.  parker decided a nap wasn't for him that day & opted for an hour & a half of quiet time with books & animals in his bed.  whatevs p-ray, whatevs.

once he was up parker decided it was time to go outside.  in the pouring rain.  we threw on our raincoats & boots & got really really wet.  after dragging him inside kicking & screaming we went out with friends to mexican food to celebrate heather's birthday... happy birthday heather!  your birthday should be everyday, if it means chips, salsa & delicious enchiladas.  yummm.

wednesday.  parker & i went to stroller strides {where he spent quality time with his girlfriend madison} while my mom stayed home & put finishing touches on the new curtains... that lady is amazing, i tell ya.  parker looked out the window at the torrential downpour & tried to convince me we needed more rainy day play but i wasn't as easy to convince since the rain was coming down sideways.

wednesday night was kinda awesome.  hunger games with my mom.  pop, popcorn.  nuff said.

thursday.  i went in to work & emptied that little inbox while mom & parker stayed at home & worked on puzzles.

i hit up a soft pretzel on the way home {major pregnancy guilty pleasure... and non-pregnancy guilty pleasure} where i met the newest addition to our family.  our new macbook!  love love love it.  kinda obsessed.  and in love.

then p-ray slept all crazy like & i liked it.

friday.  after stroller strides parker hit up the books & pretended to be happy with me even though we were very very sad... it was mom/grandma going home day.  booooo!  we dropped mom off at the airport, stopped at the pet store to look at animals & the mall to try on clothes & then parker took pictures of his feet all the way home.


***photos edited via instagram.  do you instagram?  find me @amy_agoodlife & let's picture bond!***
that was our week!  how was yours?  i wanna see, so link up!

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  1. This looks like a great week and awesome time with your mom. The curtains came out great!!

  2. what and awesome week and time with your mom! she sounds amazing!! such cute pictures as always!! happy weekend!!

  3. Yay for new curtains made my mom!! Great photos of your week as usual. I loved the Hunger Games movie too!

  4. Very fun week! Love the wrestling and playing in the rain! How fun that your mom was there for another week. Oh, and congrats on the new computer!!

  5. What a fun week! LOVE the curtains... I'm so going to have to sew myself some this summer after we move! And the growing bellah... so cute! :)

  6. Yay for the Macbook!! I had one but got an iPad instead. And thought about getting one but bought the new iPad instead. It's lovely though, especially the one you have. A Macbook Air, right? Nice pictures, looks like you had a good week.

  7. I love how Parker is attacking your face! Way too funny :)

  8. We got a macbook for xmas this year and I am obsessed with it!

  9. Do you work part-time? I ask because Stroller Strides in my city is on weekdays in the morning, so I can't go 2 out of the 3 days.

  10. Holy cow that last pic of you in the dressing room makes you look legit. You are pregnant. I love it. Bring on the belly. Also, I think I am having major Parker withdrawls. Why does he have to be so stinkin cute? We will have to get together soon.


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