Tuesday, January 8, 2013

elliot - four months!

he's four months!  well, he was four months like three weeks ago... but hey!  here we are.  squishy, giggly & melting my heart on the daily.

all growed up to four months.
{compare previous p-ray & elliot monthly pics here!}

we had elliot's four month check up a few weeks ago.  he's 18 pounds & 24 inches... double 90%-tiles. he's a big boy!  he is soooo squishy, have i mentioned that?  i just want to eat him.  munch on his cheeks, his belly, his baby leg rolls.  i just looooove this baby.

in this last month, elliot has become so interactive & aware.  he swats at the toys in his bouncer & play mat, he shrieks & squawks & makes the funniest noises.  he can self entertain for longer stretches which is allowing me to get more done around the house & even curl my hair now & then.  he's got a pretty predictable routine of eating 6x a day & napping twice for 1-3 hours.  he's getting good at falling asleep from awake & is swaddled with one arm out for sucking purposes.  he got his 2nd cold this last month which made for some long & tiring nights but we came out the other end just fine.  elliot's hands are always in his mouth... sucking on his fingers, sucking his thumb {cutest thumb sucker!} or pulling whatever he can get his hands on in his mouth.  he prefers his sofie the giraffe over most things.

parker made elliot laugh this last month.  he rubbed his nose on elliot's belly & there were giggles.  from both babies.  oh mylanta, i understand why people do this... best thing in the world ever! elliot loves to rub his feet together {as shown in all three top pictures} and it's so cute.  when he's in the bath in his infant tub we pour water on his feet & he sticks them straight up in the air in the water stream.  it's only ridiculously adorable.

he goes to bed between seven & eight & usually sleeps a good seven to eight hour block, eats & then goes back to sleep a few more hours.  he seems to almost always wake up around one or two am but i soothe him & let him fuss a few minutes & he usually goes back to sleep.  any fussing over ten minutes & he gets fed, but this almost never happens.  all this sleep?  making me feel gooooood.

he is so sweet you guys.  he is such a little miracle & i feel so blessed every single day to get to be his mama.  he looks at you like you are the whole world & all i want to do is eat his face.  he is so snuggly & sweet & gives everyone a smile who looks at him.

love him, so much.


  1. What a cute little chunk!! Happy 4 and some months little E!

  2. oh man! he is so cute!! love squishy babies!! :)

  3. He is, by far, one of the most delicious babies I have ever seen :)

  4. so precious!!! man I feel like a slacker, our lil one is 7 months and I think ive only done 2 monthly updates :/
    the sweet life of a southern wife

  5. So very Sweet! Can't wait to see him one of these days! Not today, though - I am getting over a terrible cold... ox

  6. You sure do make 'em cute, Amy! Love that little guy!

  7. oh so squishy. don't you just love it?


  8. your boys are little darlings!

    happy 4 months lil-big guy :)

  9. Oh dear, I could just squish him!

  10. What a chunk, can I eat him up?!

  11. he is so cute and so expressive

  12. What a little nugget! Mine just turned 3 months so its fun to see what I have to look forward to


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