Thursday, January 3, 2013

christmas catch up!

oh my poor little blog!  is anyone still out there?

in case you haven't noticed, i took a bloggy breather.  christmas with my little family was spent just the four of us at home & takin it easy & just being together.  it was perfect!

and oh man, now 2012 is over?  what the heck.  the fact that it's 2013 hasn't hit yet... that usually takes a while.  i'd love to sit & write out a reflective 2012 post, you know, all the highlights & wonderful things that happened in the last year?  but i dont have it in me at the moment, mostly because i'm sitting here typing this while watching LOTR return of the king.  or, "geeking out" as sam likes to call it.  ha!  i am a sucker for some lord of the rings.  i've been watching the movies while i stay up late editing & it's like i'm seeing them for the first time all over again because it's been so long.  i'm getting all excited to go see the hobbit one of these days. anyone seen it?  can't wait!

but seriously, i'm sure you'll all forgive me if i don't take a trip down memory lane at the moment... i suppose most the highlights are here in the blog anyway, right?  but i will give a shout out to the biggest event of the year, little elliot oliver's birth.  basically the best part of 2012 in my book.  that little boy has made my whole year.

2012 was good to us.  p-ray turned two, i had my big 3-0 & elliot made his big debut.  and sam & i just celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary last weekend!  we celebrated by going out on our first date in seven months & stuffing our faces at ruth's chris steakhouse & eating the best meal of my life.    it's the stuff dreams are made of.

i have a feeling 2013 is gonna be a good one.  i'm gonna spend the year not being pregnant & we have some pretty exciting family goals.  i hope to continue to grow my business & take it to the next level.  good things friends, good things.

anywho, i hope everyone had a good holiday & got some rest & are ready to make 2013 a good one. i really do hope to find some more time to blog & get back into a regular posting routine.  i love this little corner of the internet of mine!

and in closing, a few scenes from our christmas morning.  freaking love my boys.


  1. They are precious! Happy New Year to you and your sweet little family!

  2. Mmmmm Ruth's Chris. I've been there one time like four years ago, and I still think I remember it as the best steak I've ever had. Here's to 2013!

  3. I'm still here, though I keep up with you mostly on IG! Great photos!! They are getting so big!

  4. I closed my IG account so I can't follow along there. GREAT to "hear" from you here, tho! you're christmas morning looks like it was magical. :)

    happy 2013!!!

  5. I didn't blog much over the holidays either - but we're here! reading :) your boys are adorable! Happy holidays! and Happy new year

  6. Nice to see you again! The boys are adorable and it looks like things are going well for you!

  7. Very nice photos! I bet you are glad for the tree - it really sets the mood & adds a sparkle in the bg - Looks like a beautiful Christmas day!

  8. Hi Amy, can I ask what kind of lens you used for these photos? Thank you :) Very nice photos

    1. hi! yes, I used my 35mm 1.4/L. It's basically on my camera at all times!

  9. I'm still here -- always excited to see when you have a new post up! :) Yay for a fresh new year!

  10. Oh for heaven's sake, you dared to take a break!! Still here and love your photos/posts. :]
    ps: LOVE my 1.4 too!

  11. Haha I'm going to enjoy not being pregnant in 2013 too!


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