Wednesday, December 19, 2012

santa baby! and other christmasings.

our christmas check list is coming along.  with christmas less than a week away, time is ticking!  a couple highlights in our last week's festivities?  seeing santa & decorating cookies to deliver to our local firemen.

i've really been talking santa up this year.  not so much in the whole "he knows if you're naughty or nice" way but more just like, hey parker, this guy is nice & brings you presents, he says "ho, ho, ho!" and has a sleigh with reindeer... that much parker gets.

so i hoped with his new love for santa, sitting for pictures might go better than last year's... classic crying santa fail.  and you know what?  he did great.  despite the fact that he told me beforehand he was going to cry & ask to go home... and about ten minutes before we got to the mall he told me we were all done with santa pictures.  oh, & that "we need to go to target first." yes, he was pulling out all the best excuses.

anywho, once he saw snowmen & christmas trees he got excited... but then at the sight of santa?  he freaked his freak.  i thought elliot would be flying solo in the santa pics this year & then one of santa's elves pulled out a rocking horse!  and parker was in.

he wasn't quite happy to be there but he was putting his best brave face on & i love it.

and you saw elliot's bow tie + cardigan number, right?  because let me tell you what, my baby can rock a bow tie.

and cookie decorating with friends?  pretty awesome.  thanks for hosting linds!

maybe next year, elliot.  maybe next year.


  1. OMG, the baby cardigan and bowtie? STOP! You are kicking my need for another baby into high gear. I can't even handle it.

  2. if he wasn't the cutest little chunk before the bow tie...ahhh! cuteness overload!

  3. Absolutely Delightful! and thanks for including the link to last years Santa event - Priceless!

  4. What a great Santa picture! I love all of Parker's excuses beforehand. He is SO stinkin' smart. Way to put on a brave face, buddy.

  5. they are so stinkin cute! that bow tie and the tie are to DIE for

  6. awww i think they did good! and actually i think the rocking horse idea is kinda cool. better than Santa trying to juggle both kids if they are freaking out. lol. surprisingly my son did awesome for his first time meeting santa this year.
    the sweet life of a southern wife

  7. That is such a cute pic with Santa. They are both adorable, although Parker does look a little worried, lol!

  8. such sweet photos. your little one is getting so big!


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