Wednesday, December 12, 2012

let's do this, christmas.

ok, so we still may not have our christmas tree up {we will by the weekend!} and maybe i have a few loose ends to wrap up with my christmas shopping but i actually think i'm doing pretty dang good so far this year with all the christmas stuff.  considering i'm doing good to brush my teeth on a daily basis, put on mascara from time to time & maybe even sneak in a shower once in a while {you don't want to know just how "once in a while" that really is}.  i mean as a new mom, you're given a pass on a bunch of this stuff for like, the first year right??  hope so.

anywho, i've had our christmas stuff up around the house for a couple weeks now & christmas music is basically the only thing we've been listening to around the house & in the car so in my opinion?  we're winning at christmas this year.  oh!  and my christmas cards were mailed a week ago.  i'm awesome.  {hey, you gotta recognize your wins where you can, right??}

so here are the rest of my essential christmas celebratory items.  these are a few things that i have to do each year in order to feel like i really got into the christmas spirit... i mean what is the holiday season without a glass of eggnog or new christmas pj's, am i right?

a few are already crossed off.  and if i could cross them off multiple times to show that we've done them more than once, i would.  in which case you'd see "charlie brown christmas" crossed off about eleven-billionty times because parker wants to watch it at least twice a day.  which i don't really mind.  super cute classic cartoon, great message regarding the true meaning of christmas.

it's so fun sharing these traditions with parker this year.  he actually gets it.  he runs through the stores pointing out every christmas tree, santa, reindeer & baby jesus he sees.  i told sam it was like he's seeing christmas for the first time... i LOVE it.

we had our third annual gingerfest with friends last monday & parker was so into decorating his gingerbread house.  he picked out where the wreath should go, where the snowman went & giggled as he placed candy carefully on the roof.  ugh, why do the holidays ever have to end??  christmas is 13 days away & i want it to slow down!!

it really is the most wonderful time of the year.


  1. Parker is getting so big. Looks like a blast! Love the houses!

    Where is Mircle on 34th Street? That's a christmas classic. ;)

  2. Love your list! I've got to make mine to make sure we get it all in, but I'm proud to say we've already done half the things I wanted to this year. Having a toddler definitely makes me motivated in the "festive mom" department. :)

  3. Beautiful pictures & post! So happy you are enjoying the season - & taking it all in...

  4. ok, I have to ask: what are tim tam slams???

    we decorated a gingerbread house last weekend. I think ruby ate most of it. lol. but it was fun.

    merry christmas!!

  5. I love your gingerbread house!! We made a gingerbread house with our daughter last year and were hoping make it a Christmas tradition so we need to do that with her this weekend really!


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