Friday, December 7, 2012

a couple weeks in iPhotos

per the uge, i'm a little behind in the iPhoto dump.  these last couple of weeks have been crazy... thanksgiving followed by another road trip to the eastside of the state for my 98 year old grandma's funeral.

and while you may be inclined to say "i'm sorry for your loss," there really is no need to be sorry.  she was 98, she had lived an amazing life & died peacefully in her sleep while snuggling my grandpa, her husband of 66 years.  we all knew she would be going soon & are so happy she went exactly as she would have planned it.  the funeral was a great reunion of family & friends & while i am sad she is gone, i know she is in a better place, has her eyesight back & no longer needs her walker.

and bonus!  all of my sisters who live in utah & hadn't met elliot yet were there & got to see him!  that's the good news.  bad news is that somewhere along all of our holiday & funeral travels, elliot & parker both picked up colds.  lame.  'tis the season, right?  so that's resulted in some {what feels like} sleepless nights & rough days.  and a relapse in my cookie dough habit.

anywho, here's what all those travels {and everything in between} looked like in iPhotos.


  1. You have a beautiful family. Your sons are so adorable! :)

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  2. Wow -- your grandma is a lucky woman. That's how I want to go...peacefully in my sleep next to my husband after living a long and full life. I love those pictures of your boys in glasses. Adorable! And speaking of cookie dough: I made a batch of chocolate-vanilla swirl cookies on Sunday and put most of the dough in the freezer. Yeah...I kind of finished it off by yesterday. Having cookie dough around is DANGEROUS!

  3. sounded like your grandma was an amazing woman! what a long and full life she lived :)

    oh. my. gawd! elliot's outfit with a tie is KILLING me with such severe cuteness!!! where did you score that little outfit?! isn't it so fun having two babe boys in the backseat? i just love seeing both of them in the back whenever we are out and about :)

  4. aww man, hope the boys are feeling better. my lil one was sick for like 2 months :( its definitely been going around. now things are finally starting to get back to normal
    the sweet life of a southern wife

  5. She really is in a better place now.

    The boys are adorable. Mine are getting over colds too.

  6. so awesome your grandma had an amazing life!! <3

    Love the picture of elliot in a adorable!

  7. How many sisters do you have?? :)

  8. Are you in Seattle? I'm in Maple Valley. I think one of those photos are of Cle Elum :)
    Taking our kiddos to snowflake lane on Friday!


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