Wednesday, February 6, 2013

scenes from bath time.

it's been about 3.5 months since i've posted my boys in the bath.  too long, right?

a couple-a notes:
--> when did parker get so big?
--> should i have stopped parker from dumping water over elliot's head?  maybe.
--> did elliot find it hilarious when parker dumped said water over his head?  yes.
--> there were about 75 more pictures of elliot wrapped up in that towel because clean-post-bath-baby < nothing.


  1. Oh My Gosh. SQUISSSSSHY Elliot is killing me. SO cute. And I freaking love brother baths. The best.

  2. SO fun that they love taking baths together! Way to go Elliot taking it all in stride!

  3. i was prepared for one cute, fat baby in the tub but two?? too much. so so sweet.

  4. super cute!! love baby bath photos! they are the best!! :)

  5. Too much cuteness on one page!!!!!

    P-Ray is quite the big brother! He knows just when to have fun!!!


  6. Ha, the first picture of Parker dumping water all over Elliot's head is hysterical. I don't blame you for not stopping him.

  7. ok we have those letters and hoop too for bath time and P looooooves them :) also, post bath baby wrapped in a towel is seriously just cuteness on top of cuteness wrapped in warm cozy cuteness

  8. Man I'm glad I just had a baby, otherwise you would be causing me to have more than I planned ;).

  9. Aw, Elliot is sooo chubby, and Parker looks so handsome! They're growing up fast. :) It's funny how the second kid grows up used to things like being dragged around, poured water on, and tortured in general, lol!


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