Tuesday, February 19, 2013

the last week in iPhotos!

another week down!  what've we been up to?  here are some randoms:

--> we cancelled cable & have been catching our shows by hulu or online streaming.  i've become completely addicted to Lost.  just in case i wasn't sure before if i'd like being stranded on a deserted island, i am pretty freaking FOR SURE against it now.  creepy!

--> elliot turned six months.  gahhhhh.  half a year.  now we're staring down the other side of the journey to a year old.  love that squishy kiddo.

--> it was valentine's day!  we did our traditional pizza dinner celebration & i worked all day shooting a photo booth of cute little kiddos at a local indoor playground.  good times.  soooo not romantic.  nothing tires you out like trying to make 40 little kids smile for a picture all. day. long.  by the end of the day it was all i could do to stuff my face with some pizza & chocolate & pass out on the couch.

--> my cleaning/decluttering/organizing phase continues.  out with the old!  put things away!  sweep & mop!  i know, we're getting crazy around here.

--> so i will be taking the stroller strides instructor training in just over two weeks.  i guess that means i should get in shape?  so i've been trying to take the work outs up a notch & am gonna be running a race in may!  went out for my first run in months today & kinda had my butt kicked.  gotta start somewhere, right?

here's what that & some other stuff looked like in iphotos!


  1. we're thinking about quitting cable too.... but i'm scared. i need it as a babysitter sometimes. OMG.

    1. do it. the savings are ridiculous! both Hula & Netflix have every kid's show you could ever want on demand at all times. I do miss just letting it play in the background while I'm zoning out on the computer & watching whatever comes up. it's gonna take some getting used to.

  2. You are busy! Can't believe he's 6 months but then I again, I can! Your milestones with him always remind me of how long my daughter has been away at school! It is flying!
    Good for you doing the stroller strides training!!

  3. Ah, I love your creativity! I don't think my husband would ever let go of his sports!

  4. I love how Parker crosses his ankles. So! Dang! Cute!

  5. Love your outfit picture in the church's bathroom. Ha ha! And that shot of the kiddos folding their arms in nursery is too cute!

  6. You are so awesome cutting out cable! I don't know how we'd go without sports but the idea of money saving is so convincing!

  7. I am long-time reader and when you mentioned a few weeks ago that you weren't going back to your job, I have to admit I was jealous. I loooooved my maternity leave this fall and secretly wished I didn't have to go back to work. Now to hear you are taking the Stroller Strides training,I am über jealous. I am a full time teacher and mom of 2 boys(2 & 5.5m). Even though I have technically never been to an actual Stroller Strides class because they don't have them in my area, I think it would be my dream job. Fitness, social, flexibility, and being able to be with my boys more.
    So I am going to live vicariously through you, please please tell us more about it in the future!

  8. holy cow, elliot is in his walker! Does he walk in it? Big things are happening up there. Big things!


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