Friday, May 3, 2013

our week in iPhotos | week 18/52

ooooohhhh myyyy goooodness you guys.  the weather this week was ridiculous.  and by ridiculous i mean it's been awesome.  seventies, sunny & overall awesome.  i will fight anyone who disagrees with me when i say that on a gorgeous sunny day, there is nowhere better than the pacific northwest.  unfortunately, those days are vastly outnumbered by the grey, damp, wet ones... but ah well.  us true northwesterners know how to power through those days & this is our pay off.  warm, sunny amazingness.

anywho, this week we spent all kinds of time outside.  outdoor stroller strides, walks & play dates in the park, running at the capitol, a dinner date at krispy kreme, some late night solo-shopping at target {score!} and lots of shorts, t-shirts & flip flops.

so we're gearing up for an exciting weekend... not sure i ever blogged about it but when we attempted potty training with parker about six months ago it started off well & then tanked.  so we gave up.  tomorrow is the big day we're dumping the diapers & attempting take two.  we've stocked up on potty treats & rewards, clean underroos & carpet cleaner.

wish us luck!


  1. Beautiful week! Tis true there are no bluer skies than the NW! Best wishes on the potty training - I think he will ace it this time!

  2. Good luck with potty training!!!

    When the sun is out, there is no place I rather be than outdoors. That's for sure.


  3. Good luck with the potty training!

  4. Is that Elliot eating food??? Or just making a mess of it?

  5. Such gorgeous photos! :)
    Good luck on the potty training! Miss Daisy has been in undies only for 4 weeks now!! After other attempts earlier on, this time she just got it! Hope Parker's ready for you! :)

  6. L O V E that Parker photo. And every one of these :)

  7. How did potty training go?? Hopefully well! I just added you to my blog reader...hoping to hear about your 10k race coming up! :).


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