Thursday, May 16, 2013

where we're at, a random post.

sometimes i just like to get things down on virtual paper before i forget & this little moment in time passes & all the things whirling through my head are replaced with new whirling things.  this is where bullet points & random posts come in handy.

-->  ok, so it was on my facebook page & on instagram {until i decided i didn't like the picture anymore & deleted it... do you ever do that?} & if you follow either of those things {which you should!} then maybe you saw we got a kick ace new kitchen appliance.  wooooot.  i mean how awesome am i that i'm excited about a new blender?  we got a blendtec y'all.  you know, one of those things they demo at costco.  so the last two days here have been smoothie making heaven.  why does that make me so excited?  because it's basically jamba juice all day long up in here, that's why.  and bonus points for the amount of fruits & veggies parker will now unknowingly be chugging on the daily.  you sneaky mom.  it's been a while since i've posted some awesome clean recipes, so maybe some winners will make their way on the blog!  stay tuned for that.

-->  the photography busy season is here!  huzzah!  bring on the weddings! the seniors! families & babies!  getting all creative with my photography gives me an amazing outlet & i'm so grateful to have awesome clients that keep me busy.  i think good things are gonna come out of this summer, good things!  i have this vision of where i want to be with my photography & the only thing that's gonna get me there is lots & lots of shoots & practice.  i'm vowing to pick up my camera at least once a day to take a shot or two, even if they never get posted anywhere or edited or whatever, i'm gonna try.  hopefully that means more cute kiddo goodness here on ze blog.

-->  we have dumped milk in our family!  sam watched forks over knives & decided he was done with milk & i just don't really drink it anyway, so... peace out milk.  i bought some almond milk today that i used for a smoothie & it was pretty good.  do you drink something other than milk?  what's your favorite milk alternative?

-->  parker's potty training has gone awesome.  so awesome that : : knock on wood : : he has only had one #2 accident in the two weeks he's been out of diapers.  it's like, he just gets it this time.  and the other night he told us he didn't want to wear a diaper to bed, he wanted to wear underwear.  and guess what?  we're going on 6 nights of him waking up dry.  this is me, doing celebratory karate kicks & fist pumps.

-->  eating clean is hard.  wanna know what i can't stay out of?  chocolate chips & cashews.  put them together & it's sweet, salty perfection.  try it, you'll see.

-->  i'm addicted to instagram again.  i obsess over posting at least one picture a day but always have a super hard time deciding what to post.  if i post something & decide i don't like the way it looks in my feed i delete it.  you guys, i'm so weird.

-->  we're still a cable free family!  i don't even miss it.  we actually pick up a few local channels with the digital tuner in our tv so we're still able to watch the news & live stuff if we want.  but mostly we just use hulu & netflix & watch dinosaur train & law & order.

welp, that's probably enough for now.

here are parker & elliot just being parker & elliot.


  1. I like almond milk. Unsweetened original is a perfect cooking substitute but I like rice milk better for cereal because its more like skim milk which is what I used to drink. If you liked whole milk on your cereal almond is practically the same.

  2. I delete things out of my IG feed, sometimes. Just depends. OH, and this reminds me... LETS PLAN A PLAYDATE! Yes?? Point Defiance Zoo? A Park? You pick, we're there. Mmmk??

  3. i was wondering some pics of yours delete from your feed that i have commented on because i love them! ;) YAY Parker!!!! that's such wonderful news to have one less kid out of diapers :)

  4. Cashews and chocolate is one of my favorite snacks! It's like a little candy bar with every bite. :)

  5. we have dropped milk from our house due to allergies and intolerances. the kids love the chocolate almond milk, i enjoy the unsweetened. unfortunately, i will still buy a small container if making certain recipes, i haven't found a recipe i like enough with the almond milk. my husband's niece swears by hemp milk but we haven't tried it.

    good luck this summer with all the photography!

  6. I don't drink milk anymore either. I never really did but cream in coffee and the occasional cereal. I switched to Almond milk too - it's my favourite. I find that certain brands of almond milk curdle in cereal and I buy the unsweetened original kind of Blue Diamond.

    I also cut most dairy - and stick to goat and sheep cheese. I feel seriously 1000% better.

  7. I've always hated milk but I recently switched from soy to almond milk and I LOVE it <3

  8. We're pathetic -- usually 3-4 kinds of milk in the fridge at a given time. Almond for me (unsweetened vanilla), soy for Cami (because she doesn't like the almond), regular for Tim or for cooking (because he doesn't like the first two), and chocolate soy if I'm feeling indulgent. :) Please share any good smoothie recipes you find! And maybe we need to try our digital antenna again...3 years ago we got nothing but maybe that's changed???


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