Thursday, April 24, 2014

but first let me take a selfie.

ever since we've been home from texas i haven't really known what to take pictures of for my daily photo.  it's been rainy & we've pretty much just hung out at home & settled back into a "normal" routine so there's not a lot of interesting scenery.  they say when you're feeling uninspired the best thing to do is shoot anyway.  just get your camera out & start taking pictures.  when you're in a lull, shoot through it.  i've found that to be helpful.  some of my favorite pictures have come on days when i didn't think i had anything interesting to shoot & just got my camera out anyway.

so the other day it was pouring outside, i was in workout clothes & the boys in pjs fresh outta naps so it didn't really seem like optimal shooting conditions.  but i got my camera out anyway, found a good patch of light & started torturing them with my camera in their faces.  they weren't in to it.  i set the camera up on the windowsill, grabbed my remote & started shooting us in front of it.  they thought that was hilarious.  the camera shooting by itself?  best trick ever.

and what came of it are these shots.  i haven't taken selfies with my big camera in years & i'm so happy i did today.  these pictures make me happy.  i have so so so many pictures of my boys but when you look back at my last year's worth of pictures i'm in a small handful of them.  and by small handful i mean you could probably count on one hand.  dudes.  i'm their freaking mom, i deserve to exist in these digital memories too, ya know?

even if it means setting my camera up on a windowsill & grabbing a remote, today i'm shooting through the lull & owning the selfie.

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  1. love these... and i know exactly what you mean. if you want to be in your own family photos...sometimes you just have to make it happen yourself! your boys will appreciate these later! and so will you! :)

    1. Thanks! Yeah, so true. And waiting for the perfect time where you're all dressed up & hair is done & you're feeling super photogenic doesn't really ever happen soooooo, sometimes ya just gotta do it anyway! :)

  2. Great pictures! I was just thinking the same thing. How in the past year I haven't been in very many of our pictures.


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