Wednesday, April 23, 2014

happy easter + a throw back

so easter came & went & we did all the obligatory easter-y things & it was all pretty awesome.  we got back from our vacation at about one in the morning the night before easter but luckily this little bunny was on top of things & had gotten the boys' baskets all fixed up before we left so we were good to go right off the bat easter morn.

it's so fun to be on this side of holidays.  the side where you pick out the toys & treats & plan all the little activities for your kids to enjoy the magic of the day.  it's so fun to relive the memories you had as a kid by creating new traditions for your own family & continuing on old ones.  i placed the baskets in our house & made a little trail of m&m filled easter eggs that led to the baskets for them to follow.  parker made it his job to find the eggs, open them up & then give the candy to elliot for whatever reason.  elliot had no problem with this system... it definitely seemed to work to his advantage.

these guys are so easy to please.  they got a couple activity books, some cool paint w/ water pads by melissa & doug (coolest thing EVER), pez dispensers and new toothbrushes.  they each got chocolate eggs & a handful of other candy & they were good to go.  actually, they were ecstatic.  there is nothing more fun than putting a smile on these guys' faces & watching them enjoy a special little treat.

we skyped with grandparents & had a delicious easter dinner & spent time together as a family.  and i got the one thing i wanted out of the day (besides a wonderful spiritually fulfilling holiday spent with my family, of course): a picture of my boys all dressed up in their sunday best.  mission accomplished.

now, not to destroy the illusion that these guys are perfectly obliging or anything but it should be said that the ties only stayed on about five minutes past this picture before they both grabbed at their necks as though they were choking from buttoned up collar syndrome.  their hair definitely got messed up & shirts were untucked in a matter of minutes as well.  but for these pictures?  they look good.

and for good measure, here are pictures from last year's easter.  crazy what a difference a year makes, right?  elliot's gone a little less the way of chris farley & all of a sudden looks like a mini ryan gosling, amiright??

love these two goobers.

oh!  and parker turns four this weekend.  WUT.

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  1. such handsome boys :) and who doesn't love a good throw back?!


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