Tuesday, July 19, 2016

camping part 2 // cape lookout

am i seriously going to just randomly throw down three new posts tonight after months of silence?  you bet i am.  what else do i have to do at midnight on a tuesday night?  work?  laundry?  sleep?  nah.  blogging sounds better.

our second camping trip of the summer was at the coast.  we'd never camped at the beach before & the experience got some mixed reviews.  we love camping & we love the beach, but i'm just not convinced i love camping at the beach.  but still, we had so much fun despite the sand in every tent crevice.

we camped at cape lookout & got poured on our first night which led to an early morning escape to oceanside for breakfast.  the hidden beach in oceanside was a huge highlight of the trip... it was gorgeous!  we felt like we were in ireland or iceland or somewhere way more exotic than the oregon coast.  also this was our first time taking brooks camping & i had some major anxiety leading up to that but he did great!  he was a little overwhelmed by all the sights, sounds & craziness of the campsite but he loved running on the beach & slept through the night in the tent so i can't complain.

oh yeah, i've never mentioned brooks on the blog.  i mean i assume if you're here reading this you also follow me on either instagram (@amy_nielson) or facebook or snapchat or something so it's not a total shock to you that we have a dog.  he'll probably get his own post at some point but today isn't that day.  for now, just know that we have an 8 month old german shorthaired pointer and he is CRAY.  and if you want to know more about him feel free to check him out on his own instgram here: @brooks_gsp.  yes he has more followers than i do, no i don't care.  moving on.

here are some pics from this last camping trip.  and now don't expect me to blog for a few months.  or maybe i'll post 5 more updates tomorrow, you just never know.


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