Wednesday, August 31, 2016

We got a dog // BROOKS

well this post has been a long time coming... about eight months in the making?  this post should catch you up from the time we got brooks in january to present day.

for the most part of 2015 i spent all my days researching, planning & looking for dogs.  i wanted a dog SO bad.  sam however, did not.  we'll skip over most of that part of the story for reasons but cut to the chase, for better or for worse, we got a dog.  it's been a giant lifestyle change & transition for our family but it has also been so fun.

brooks is a german shorthaired pointer (gsp) & is currently nine months old.  he's crazy you guys.  gsp's are known to be one of the most high energy breeds of all the breeds.  i repeat, i did months of research on breeds before deciding on a gsp and none of it prepared me for the craziness that is living with one.  kinda like pregnancy?  you think you know but you have no idea.

daily walks & trips to the dog park are just the beginning.  hours spent running on the beach don't seem to phase him.  he is the definition of high energy.  but he's so sweet & the boys love him & he's so great with them so he's here to stay.

his favorite activities are chasing light flecks, running like a madman endlessly at the beach or at our local 1,000 acre dog park & meeting up with his fur friends.  brooks has redefined my "active" lifestyle, has gotten me out of my shell & forced me to make new friends, he gets me out of bed in the morning for a run when i'd rather sleep & he gets me out to the park when i'd rather watch tv.  it's a love/hate thing.

here are a few (ha!) pictures of brooks starting at our first day with him at nine weeks until just last week at nine months.  they don't stay little for long but they sure stay crazy.



  1. Ahhh! He is amazing!! Wonderful pictures Amy.

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