Saturday, September 17, 2016

it only comes once a year // my b-day in photos

the older we get, the less & less excited we get about our birthdays, amiright?  i'm pretty much at that age where another year older isn't really something i'm super excited about.  i'm legit in my mid-thirties now which is pretty much where i think i'd stay forever if i could.  the thirties are great.  but since forty is the new thirty maybe there's nothing to fear about seeing another birthday come & go.  and like my mom always says, "aging is a privilege."  so one might as well do it gracefully, right?

it's our tradition on birthdays to just do fun family stuff of the birthday person's choice.  for me that was a morning hike with my favorite adventure squad, lunch at por que no, some shopping, a quick photo shoot with the boys (we've done this three of the last four years & it's become one of my favorite "birthday gifts" from them) & of course, cake & ice cream.  it was a great day.

here's to growing one year older & wiser, too.


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