Wednesday, September 7, 2016

seabrook // round 2

if you missed our first trip of the summer to seabrook you can check it out here... or you can just proceed to skip right ahead to trip number two.  but i recommend checking out our last trip because there's just so much to love about this little town.

sam had to work the whole last week of july doing engineer stuff at seabrook which obviously meant the boys & i would be tagging along doing seabrook stuff.  sam's sister was even able to join us for a couple nights as we were staying in pretty much the cutest beach house ever (first house photo below... adorable blue house that i'm literally obsessed with) & had plenty of room to spare.  we spent our time at the beach, the playground, the dog park & exploring all the shops & restaurants in the adorable little town.  the weather was a little gloomy but honestly that just made cozying up in the beach house even more fun.  we got hot chocolate when we needed to be warmed up & had a movie day when it got a little too blustery.  i mean what is better than cozying up for a storm at the beach?  not a whole lot.

it was hard to leave.  i love portland & i love our quirky old house but i'm pretty sure i could've stayed out there forever.  i'm already excited for our next seabrook adventure.  until then, looking over & over at these photos will have to do.

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