Sunday, August 5, 2012

our week by iPhone - week 90

welp another week has come & gone & we're just keepin' on keepin' on the only way we know.  keepin' busy & doing our thang.  maybe next week we'll have iPhone baby pics?  sheesh, who knows.

here's what this week looked like according to my iPhone.

monday.  met up with lindsey & cami at the park & walked a lap around the lake.  which parker thought was hilarious.  almost as hilarious as his outfit was that evening when he was out playing b-ball... hoodie, orange tee, green b-ball shorts & red rain boots.  because obviously.

and my belly?  still has a baby in it.

tuesday.  after our weekly OB visit {where parker always insists on walking up & down the stairs himself} we met up with lindsey & cami & parker maybe stole her baby + stroller.  just gettin in big brother mode, ya know.

afternoon snuggles were followed by sam's amazing bbq avocado burgers & a giant bowl of watermelon.  pretty much the best dinner ever... minus the hours of heartburn that were to follow.  eww.

oh & parker?  he's just dipping tortilla chips in a bowl of water, because that's what he's into.

wednesday.  that pile of bread-bones is just parker's discard pile after three pieces of toast.  normal?  jury's still out.

while waiting for sam to get off work so we could head up to seattle for a mariner's game, a sunglasses-wearing parker & i hit up babies 'r us & parked in the expectant mother parking despite an empty parking lot... because you have to!

the game was a BLAST.  m's won {woohoo!} and parker made it happily through all nine innings.  he's a true fan.

thursday.  my last day in the office at ecology before six months of maternity leave... whoooa.  some parts were a little bittersweet.  the sweet part?  kissing that overflowing inbox gooodbye.  and with a belly that sometimes feels like it's big enough to just fall off?  it was time to call it quits.  peace out!

i was out most of thursday evening shooting a session & came home to sidewalk chalk scribblings from p-ray & sam that made made my heart all melty.  and then parker looked cute while sleeping.

friday.  so apparently we didn't do many photo worthy things friday... parker ate strawberries while we grocery shopped, there were post-nap snuggles & my belly jumped around all alien like.  i guess that's about it!

saturday.  started off with early morning snuggles & a spontaneous trip up to seattle to walk the waterfront, see the blue angels & smash crab legs to bits with mallets at the crab pot.  we called it our last big family date as three... tear!

it hit 90 degrees here so p-ray spent a good long time saturday evening running through the sprinkler & getting absolutely soaked which was hilarious... because kids are so easily amused, ya know?  these little tiny spurts of water absolutely lit him up & i think he coulda run through them for hours.  oh to be a kid again.

***photos edited via instagram.  do you instagram?  find me @amy_agoodlife & let's picture bond!***
that was our week!  how was yours?  i wanna see, so link up!

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  1. I was fully expecting to not have a photo dump linkup due to you birthing a baby this weekend! Darn ;) Looking good, mama, almost there! PS: I have to live vicariously through you since I'm done with the babies, but I've kinda got the fever...

  2. A very full, fun-packed wonderful week! It just doesn't get any better... :D

  3. Come on out, baby boy. Everybody's ready to "meet" you :)


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