Saturday, August 11, 2012

our week by iPhone - week 91

another week of pregnancy, another week of no baby pictures.  and i'm not gonna lie... this week kinda drug by a little.  i'm pretty tired & parker has been less than enthusiastic about getting out of the house so there's been a lot of downtime.  and a lot of time spent waiting & getting ready for a little houseguest to make his appearance who never showed up.

but hey!  let's look on the brightside... parker & i had a lot of quality one on one time hanging out around the house & enjoying the sunny days.  we went for long walks & played in the lake at the park in our neighborhood.  if baby's not here this weekend, i resolve to get out of the house a little more next week... or so i say now.

here's what our week looked like in iPhotos.

monday.  hung out around the house & went for a walk to the park... we swung on swings & put our feet in the lake.  then we hit up costco so sam & i could get our whooping cough booster, fun!  at least parker thought so.

tuesday.  we actually got out & did some shopping & had lunch with our friends but since i forgot to take pictures it looks like we just did a whole lot of sitting around the house.  which we also did.  and then sam & parker nested a little while i sat on the couch & thought about a labor that never came... ha!

wednesday.  p-ray & i didn't leave the house all day... i asked parker if he wanted to do about a million different things & his response was, "no... stay home." every time.  so i didn't argue.  but when sam got home i needed to GET OUT.  we went to one of my favorite little burger dives & i satisfied a very serious chocolate oreo milkshake craving.

thursday.  after being indoors all day on wednesday, parker & i jumped out of bed thursday morning & went to stroller strides on a gorgeous sunny day.  i did squats, planks & even jogged a little & it did nothing to put me into labor but it DID make me pretty dang sore.  so that's awesome.

after a doctor appointment we took parker to get his haircut where he did mostly good... thanks to a lightning mcqueen chair, cars on the iPhone & a sucker in the mouth.

friday.  another day of sticking around home, walking to the park & playing in the lake.  one of these days i'll remember to put parker in swim stuff before we head down there... but then again pantless-lake-play is totally underrated, right?  when we got home parker wanted to look at all the pictures i took of him at the lake... it's one of his favorite things.

then he had sam draw him all sorts of pictures while he watched from about one inch away.  and i looked at my ginormous belly that is now officially overdue.  boo!


***photos edited via instagram.  do you instagram?  find me @amy_agoodlife & let's picture bond!***
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  1. hopefully next week all these pictures will be of that sweet new baby :)

  2. Looks like a great week spending quality time with Parker before baby boy comes!! Can't wait to see the new little man! And you look amazing as always...even at 40+ weeks of pregnancy...I don't know how you do it!

  3. You are doing great & looking great! It can't be long now... Your new little one will be all the stronger and healthy for the waiting. oxo

  4. That baby boy is enjoying chocolate Oreo shakes. I wouldn't come out either! And you look FANTASTIC.

  5. I know that you are so ready for him to be here, but I still can't get over how great you look!

  6. I just got caught up on your week of posts. Crazy that you're still pregnant! I feel sort of guilty about joking that you should wait until I was home. Because now I'm home and I feel like I jinxed it! But at least you know it will happen sometime this week, right??? I can't wait to meet the little guy!

  7. Come on baby!!! You guys are always out and about so it's nice to get a little down time but I know it can make you stir crazy! Girl, doing those planks didn't work? wth?

  8. Looking good, although I noticed you are quiet on Instagram...maybe its time!

  9. He seriously looks like the happiest little tot. I guess we wouldn't be taking a ton of pictures when they're pitching a fit though ;) Hope you get to meet your little one soon!


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