Friday, August 3, 2012

thirty-nine weeks. bumpdate!

who's feeling me with the pink?  i've found myself seriously drawn toward girly things for myself {these new yoga pants with the pink band, a new purple water bottle i picked up the other day} & i think it's because i'm about to be seriously outnumbered here pretty soon.  can't wait.  seriously, can't wait to be the ruling lady amongst my little world of men.  haha!

well guys, with parker i wrote my thirty-nine week update & then went into labor that night.  i'd be ok with that.  today would be perfect!  sam is home, baby sitters for p-ray are numerous on the weekend & all systems around here are go.  but, alas, i don't get a say in when this all goes down.  sometime in the next week, let's hope!

all you guys that left encouraging words yesterday rocked my socks.  seriously, i'm psyched.  it's awesome to hear so many great stories of beautiful labors to reassure me that it is possible.  i think it's best to go into labor hoping for the best & then finding out what you're capable of should things get rough.  but to assume that it's gonna be rough?  probably not smart.  so, big ups to you guys.  thank you!  i'm feeling much better & confident about this whole thing & absolutely can't WAIT to meet this baby.

so how am i doing?  i'm tired.  i'm not horribly in pain though, i've been taking it pretty easy so maybe that's given my back/pelvis a rest.  i have to pee with approximately every five sips of water i take & braxton hicks tease me constantly.  nothing regular though but it's exciting to know my body is doing sommmething.

anywho, no one's ever been pregnant forever right?  soon :)

{my blog facebook page AND instagram will be updated with labor statuses & baby announcements probably much sooner than the blog.  so if you're interested in seeing when this all goes down?  check 'em out!  thanks for all the awesome support, friends... we are SO excited!}


  1. you look so amazing! hang in there, you are totally in the home stretch now. :)

  2. You look so great! Glad you're not in much pain. It's gonna be great!!!

  3. You look great as always!! I will keep you in my thoughts for a safe and quick delivery when the time comes!

  4. You seriously rock that bump! I envy you and your preggo body! Can't wait to see pics of the new little man!

  5. You look great! It's just like a little basketball under your shirt :) Good luck! Hope he comes soon!

  6. you are seriously so cute pregnant!! Good luck with this next week! Hopefully he will be here before you know it!

  7. Love those yoga pants & I wish I looked that great when I was 39 weeks pregnant.. I didn't even want to take a picture anymore because of all my extra weight!
    I know you'll do great, he'll be here before you know it & then the sleepless nights will really begin! Praying for you!

  8. good luck and you look amazing! Maybe all that heartburn means a full head of hair???


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