Friday, October 19, 2012

elliot - two months in mostly pictures.

ok so this month went a little faster.  i just love this little boy!  and while my days are double the crazy & we're still not getting much sleep, his adorable little face & smile & coos make it all worth it.  cliche but true.

at two months elliot is:

-->  wearing 3-6 month clothes & size 2 diapers.
-->  eating every 3-4 hours for 15-20 minutes.
-->  cooing & smiling & kicking his legs when he's happy {which is usually right after he wakes up & then has eaten.  that's when he's at his best.}
-->  had his first cold.  it's still lingering, actually.  and he gets congested as the night goes on & he's been on his back for a long time.  so it's still making his sleep no bueno.
-->  his longest stretch of sleep to date was 6.5 hours.  too bad i couldn't sleep for the first 2-3 of them... my mind goes crazy at night.  who knew newborn mom insomnia was a thing??
-->  being put in the wrap or the ergo is like a sedative to him.  he would live in a carrier if he could.
-->  picks up on voices in the room & searches out who's talking.
-->  goes to sleep every night swaddled & then put in his crib awake but drowsy after eating.  usually falls to sleep in 5-10 minutes after a bunch of grunts.  i call his grunts his "dinosaur noises."
-->  sam is pretty much the only person who he'll fall asleep on anymore, outside of a carrier.  he loves cuddling with his dad.  it's adorable.
-->  weighs 14 pounds 1 ounce {90%-tile} & is 23.5" long {70%-tile}.

and is ridiculously cute.

love him.


  1. Oh my! Baby fever commences :)

  2. He is really scrumptious. :)


  3. i love all his squishiness!!!! makes me that more excited for my little guy to get here :)

  4. He really is cute! Love the eyes and adorable baby chub!

  5. Beautiful pictures! His Elliot personality is showing through...

  6. He is SO adorable and snuggly. So fun when they start getting to that observant and reactive stage!

  7. SO stinkin adorable!!! Fantastic pictures, those catchlights in his eyes are amazing. What a sweet baby boy....cue intense baby fever now. Oy... ;)

  8. omg so crazy he is already 2 months old, and he looks so different and bigger already!! & it seems so weird that you have two kids now! ;)

  9. He is gorgeous. I love the little leg rolls! Too cute

  10. He is ridiculously cute! I love his leg rolls!!

  11. Oh my gosh, he is too cute! Love all the pictures!

  12. love his little chunky legs (and your nail polish color)

  13. Our babes are so similar. I think Elliot might haves me beat a little bit on weight but not by much, we'll see on Tuesday at her 2 month appointnent. We are still not great on sleep. 6 has been the longest stretch and that was only once. A congested nose is also particallly to blame. My 1st started sleeping 8 consistently at this point, I guess I was spoiled.

  14. I suffer from mom insomnia as well. It's terrible.

  15. Right that's it. I am stepping away from your blog. These pictures are making me broody and I have my own gorgeous seven month old boy sleeping upstairs!!


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