Wednesday, October 31, 2012

it's Halloween! let's iPhoto dump.

happy halloween friends!

and to all my east coast readers, i really hope you're somewhere safe & dry & you weathered the storm alright.  i am completely hooked on watching sandy coverage & cannot believe the devastation over there... thoughts & prayers your way!

so yeah, it's halloween & this will not be a halloween themed post.  that will come after i take hoards of pictures of my babies in their costumes, which i JUST finalized yesterday.  yeah, i'm that mom this year.  we didn't even carve pumpkins!  you guys, i'm doing good to fold the laundry & shower occasionally, carving pumpkins just wasn't on the agenda this year.  but next year?  for sure.

don't get me wrong, things are going great these days.  elliot is sleeping a 6-8 hour stretch each night, waking up once to eat & then back down til 7 or 8.  it's GLORIOUS!!!  yes, i think the heavens just opened up & sang hallelujahs.  i heard it, i swear.  and?  oh my gosh, i fall in love with him more & more every. day.  he is just so sweet & happy & he smiles & coos & has my heart wrapped around his little finger.  i just want to eat him up!  i love my little baby.

i've been keeping busy with the ol' photog business.  i kinda just sat on it for a bit the last year due to the pregnancy/baby, but now it's time to hit it hard.  so i've been busy rebuilding some of my branding & advertising & working on editing from my latest sessions.  so that's been fun.  seriously, i LOVE all things related to photography & my photography business & would be happy sitting in my office all day doing business things & editing & shooting sessions too, obviously.  so that's been keeping me happy busy in those times when kiddos are sleeping.

pictures of me working on photography stuff just really isn't that exciting though, so you'll find that 99% of my iPhoto pictures are of p-ray & elliot because they're basically the cutest.

happy halloween!!


  1. Ha! The one of Parker in his red boots is funny. Happy Halloween! And congrats on your business doing so well!

  2. love these - so cute. The yoga looks like a ton of fun!

  3. my lil man is going to be a giraffe too! seems like that may be a big hit this year, jenni's (from jennie from the blog) son is also a giraffe this year. both of your kids are waaay cute!!

    the sweet life of a southern wife

  4. Happy Halloween!! love all the photos :)

  5. Lots of cute pictures! I don't blame you for wanting to eat Elliot up. He's pretty darn sweet. I just love the way he gazes so adoringly at you!

  6. Ilove your boys so much Amy! They are adorable and so sweet to be are you :)

  7. such sweet boys! great pictures!! happy halloween!

  8. beautiful beautiful pics.

    I was eyeing off those blue capris in the target catalogue here today- they have such cute summer colours

  9. I love my photography business as well! And that little costume you have baby in... I'm in love!!!

  10. OMG did P-Ray get taller??? I miss you guys! I've got to find time to catch up :(



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