Tuesday, March 5, 2013

elliot - six months!

it's time to start staring one year straight in the face because we have now watched the six month mark come & go.  this is a big one folks.  we've made it through the first half of our year together & the milestones just start whizzing past now... i love it!  i'm not crying any tears over this hump, i love what comes with six months & what continues to come as each month goes by... more & more personality & independence.  it's so fun!

here's my littlest man all growed up to six months.
{compare previous p-ray & elliot pics here}.

with each day that goes by, it almost never fails that either sam or i will comment on how much personality has started to emerge from this little guy.  he shrieks out just to hear his own little voice & his face lights up with the biggest smile when a familiar face walks into the room.  he is obsessed with parker & giggles when he sees him.  parker loves him too, they wrestle to no end & elliot can take it.  although i swear if i had a penny for every time i had to say, "parker... be soft.  soft, parker.  parker, SOFT!"  i guess this is what comes with the two-boy territory. 

elliot cut his first two teeth in the last month & looks so cute with them just pokin up out of his bottom gums.  he teethed like a champ & we didn't even know they were coming until they were staring us back in the face.  that's the best kind of teething!  he still just wants to be held all. the. time. but i'm focusing on giving him more floor-play so he can fine tune those motor skills.  he rolls from back to belly like a champ but hasn't really mastered belly to back.  he does the baby-push up and holds his head way up in the air but isn't quite determined yet to go anywhere.

he goes to bed around 7:30 most nights, eats once or twice & then wakes up around 7:30 or 8.  we're getting pretty good sleep around here.  we put him down on his back but he rolls straight to his tummy & sleeps the whole night on the belly.  he starts the night off in his crib in parker's room & they do an awesome job falling asleep from awake in the same room.  we can often hear them giggling as they fall asleep & the other night i tried putting elliot down before parker was ready & he cried & cried until parker came in to go to bed.  then he was fine.  coincidence?  brotherly love?  i prefer to think the latter.  when he wakes up in the middle of the night he gets moved to a bassinet in our office so that the boys sleep in longer in the morning.  when he stops waking up at night is when we'll stop moving him i guess.

he is still exclusively breast fed & we've tried feeding him solids a couple times but he's just not interested... it just dribbles back out of his mouth. he refuses a bottle and even went 10 hours without eating during the day when i was at a workshop an hour away.  he just likes his food straight from the source, i guess!

we had his six month check up today {couple weeks late} and he weighs 20 pounds 9 ounces (90th %-tile) and is 28 inches long (85th %-tile)... he's our big boy!  he's sitting up like a champ & of all his baby-things prefers the walker where he can hop around & glide through the house.  he naps twice a day on a good day & is still working on self-soothing... aka: hates being put down alone.  what can i say?  he's a people person.

he gets so frustrated when he doesn't get what he wants or if he drops a toy he was playing with his little shrieks are super dramatic.  his little head of hair absolutely melts me & i could squeeze those baby rolls all day long.  i'm obsessed.  what is better than a squishy baby i ask you??  nothing, that's what.

and?  he is so dang cute.

love this boy.


  1. SO cute! Lucas(7months) also will only do back to belly but not belly to back. He LOVES sleeping on his belly now, too! They sure do grow so fast! :)

  2. 6 months?? Bah! Where has the time gone!! Easton is a belly sleeper as well, always has been. I think it's kinda cute :) And I applaud you for having them share a room already!! I really really want do that soon.

  3. He is such a little ham! Happy 6 months to your sweetheart.

  4. aw he seems to have "grown" soooo much. The chunks, those smiles, what a big kid! I think 6-8 months might have been my ultimate favorite.

  5. love everything about this post! he is SO cute and can say how i just LOVE the brother pictures??? omg. the cutest! this post describes my little dawson to a 't' at this point and looking at your elliot posts gets me so excited for dawson to follow suit. i'm so excited for the brotherly interaction for sure! makes me excited for wrestling, giggles and cuddles :) 6 months is the best age, in my opinion :)

  6. oh he is so cute and fat! i love a big boy - as referenced by my own :)


  7. Wow, time is flying! What a cutie! I see many wrestling matches in your future. :)

  8. Oh he's such a cute kid! And so happy! Love his chubby rolls. Hey -- let me know if Jodi figures out any tips for getting him to take milk or eat while you're gone tomorrow. I'm hoping he'll eat at least a little while he's with me.

  9. ezra didn't get into the solids until around 8-9 months? we tried from about 7 months on, and at about 9 he started to really get some in his mouth and play with it. we did BLW with both boys and henry liked food earlier than ezra did. they both played with the food for a while before they actually tried it. it was funny, with ezra, he would push the things that were either too big for him to eat or unappealing to him to the edge of his highchair tray. it was CRAZY to see a nine-month old exert his choice in foods, but that's the amazing thing about BLW. by the way, your boys are so beautiful. i think elliot looks so different than parker! it's really cool to see siblings grow and change, isn't it??


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