Thursday, March 28, 2013

our life lately. through iPhotos!

yikes, it's been two weeks!!  and my last post wasn't the most happiest bright shiny thing to have left up here for all that time.  ah well, life is busy ya know?  and busy we've been.

we spent one of the last two weeks roadtripping down to utah to see my fam & sam's family all in the same vacay.  it was a blast.  i honestly wasn't looking forward to this trip as much as i usually do... it's about 14 hours each way & with a toddler & a 7 month old, i didn't know what to expect.  they were rockstars.  we did almost all the driving on the way down at night while they slept & then drove home straight through a day and still they slept.  my kids are awesome.

so there was lots of shopping, food, friends & family.  sam went to two rounds of the ncaa tournament & i spent loads of time with my sisters, nieces & nephews & in-laws.

now that we've been home almost a week i'm starting to feel allllmost caught up.  my life has been revolving around my running training plan {running a 10k in a month & a half}, my business {per the usual} & my training to be a Stroller Strides instructor!  i took my test last night & passed & dudes, i'm official.  i'm a certified stroller strides instructor... boom.  oh yeah & my kids.  but what else is new.

parker & elliot are so freaking fun right now.  they are a handful but i am just loving this stage we're in... for the most part.  ha!  parker wants to do nothing more than wrestle elliot 24/7 & elliot is getting SO close to crawling & being more independent.  he l-o-v-e-s LOVES his big brother & is moderately obsessed with him.  i am already so proud of my boys' relationship & how much parker loves his little brother back.  i hope it never changes {except for the part where parker constantly takes away whatever toy elliot has in his hands because suddenly it is extremely vital to parker's survival.  that can change.}

anywho, here is what some of our life has looked like lately through iPhotos.


  1. Love these. you have been busy!! yay for the 10k and the stroller strides instructor. if you were mine i would totally join! our closest one is 45 minutes away though.

    1. boo! sucks there isn't one closer. you know I'm a total believer in the magic that Stroller Strides is for moms!!

  2. Your babies are so cute. I'm from Utah too. I have a 6 month old baby so I know how busy life is. I love to follow your blog :) Keep up the good work Amy.

  3. So sweet what buddies your two little guys are becoming. I am SO excited to see that happen with our new baby and Cami (fingers crossed). And I'm glad you're back in town because Cami and I missed you all. :)

  4. I love their outfits! And I cannot imagine 14 hours each way with 2 kids...I can't even imagine more than 2 with one kid...troopers.

  5. I'm glad we are instagram friends because you take beautiful photos! :)


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