Tuesday, March 12, 2013

last few weeks in iPhotos

yikes! it's been awhile since i've done an iphoto dump... how does this sneak up on me so quickly?

per the uge, the last few weeks have been pretty busy & awesome around here. lots of playtime with our homies, hanging out around the house in jammies, lots of stroller strides & two days of stroller strides instructor training!

i'm so excited to have gone through the instructor training & i can't wait to start teaching!  if you've followed my blog for much time you have to have seen what a big part of our lives stroller strides is & how much i love it.  it's an amazing workout, a chance for me to see my friends 3-4x a week & a playdate for my kiddos.  i can't say it enough... every mom should do stroller strides.

the bad part about my two day training?  mr. stubborn elliot who refused to take a bottle while i was gone!  my amazing sister in law jodi (seriously, i can't thank you enough jodi!) came up both days to watch the boys while i was in seattle for 10+ hours each day.  elliot's not much for baby food yet, he doesn't like a sippy cup & apparently a bottle is out of the question.  so instead?  he starved himself for 15 hours the first day & 19 hours the second!  crazy monster.  needless to say, we survived.  and as proven by some of these chunky baby pictures, he doesn't look like he suffered much.  but we won't be doing that again any time soon.

anywho, here's what all that stuff looked like in iPhotos.


  1. I can't believe your little chunk did that! But, glad you survived it! I love seeing all his little roles, my little one is such a string bean, he won't be having rolls like that any time, well, ever at this rate!

  2. seriously cannot get over how he went that long without eating! my littlest guy can't even go 3 hours yet before he freaks the f out. i agree about stroller strides. i just signed up for the membership last week and i can't say enough how much i love it and how good it's going to be for us. the boys get out, we get fresh air and i can meet some new friends. it's amazing and the best part is, is that it kicks my arse!

  3. those chubby cheeks are to die for! (not literally, i swear i am not a creepy person :) )

  4. Love all the pictures. Now you're making me want a Reese's peanut butter egg. :)


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