Monday, April 1, 2013

happy Easter, happy Spring!

it's starting to get real springy up in here, people.  we've had a little bout of awesome weather in the pacific northwest & got to celebrate easter with some sun & some bare feet in the grass & bubbles & a walk down to the park.

spring just might be my favorite season of all time.  well, maybe tied with fall & summer... and winter has its perks too.  but i do love spring.  it's when you get that first glimpse of some sun & are reminded just how awesome it feels to be warm in short sleeves & no socks & to have your windows open with a breeze going through your house & the sound of bird chirps & lawn mowers filling up your house.  love it.

we had a pretty good easter.  it was the first year parker got a legit easter basket (i know, easter bunny fail) and he was old enough to really enjoy it.  there was a trail of candy-filled eggs leading him from his room through the house & to his basket.  he had a blast following the eggs & was so excited to see the things in his basket (squeezy pouches, coloring book, chocolate bunny, bubble-blowing gun, stuffed bunny & stickers).  we went to church, ate some delicious food, played out on the lawn in the sun in bare feet & relaxed.

i also realized that i have pretty much zero pictures of elliot & i taken with my big camera.  actually, i just really have avoided being in front of my big camera for the last seven months because of that whole post-baby-awkward stage where you just don't really feel or look like yourself.  so i figured with my boys all dressed up, my hair curled & heels on, what better time to hand the camera over to sam & have him snap a few.

i'm glad i did.  now i have a couple pics of me with my boys & i'll get to remember easter 2013 forever.  now if only i coulda gotten sam in the picture somehow...

also?  please notice parker in the first picture.  we couldn't get him to come stand by me for the life of us... he just wanted to stand there & "take pictures" with a toy cell phone.  i guess the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree... ha!


  1. Cute pics! And this weather is absolutely awesome!!!

  2. love the photos :) the boys look so grown up!

  3. Love the pictures, you look great and the boys are so adorable!

  4. You did better than me. We got no family pictures, or any pictures on Easter! Major fail. I guess I was too busy enjoying the sunny weather,totally forgot to take pics. Ah well. lol

  5. ah i love spring too! and i am so loving these pics! those matching ties!!! i love it! :)

  6. Gorgeous shots! You look incredible!! Send us some of that springy weather please!

  7. the boys are killing me with the ties!!!!!! LOVE! and you seriously look incredible! i'm doing stroller strides 3x/week and i'm NOWHERE looking as great as you are. great job mamma!


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