Friday, April 12, 2013

our week in iPhotos

another week!  you guys, i'm a blogging machine these days.  let's all notice that this is officially the most posts i've done in a month all year so far.  and it's only the 12th.  boom.  dare say i'm back?  kinda?  maybe.

anywho, we had a good week around here.  there was lots of rain & some sickness... two kiddos with coughs & colds but meh, we survived.  we went on some walks, some runs, did some shopping, the boys did some {lots of} wrestling & i finished watching LOST.

you guys, talk to me.  what was your interpretation of how the series ended?  did the stuff on the island actually happen?  were they dead the whole time?  did they die later?  what the freak LOST... so many unanswered questions.  ya know, because i'm only three years late on this one.  i watched the whole series in a couple months as opposed to six years though, so i guess i win in the end.

anywho, here's what some of our week looked like in iPhotos.  happy weekend!

{i post lots of my photos in real time on instagram.  do you instagram?  let's gram together! @amy_agoodlife}


  1. Please explain this laundry basket bathtub thing to me? It looks awesome. I dont watch lost so I'm not help there.


    1. We do this with our toddler boy too! It is a nice prop for bigger babies to enjoy the tub with out having too much space to topple over!

  2. I've watched LOST twice now, once when it originally aired and then again a few months ago with my daughter. I still don't know!!
    I just posted my instagram/iphone photos too!

  3. The babies must of hit a stage where we feel normal, because I am just now getting back to regular blogging, too. I'm no help with Lost, I was thoroughly confused by the last season.

  4. These are super! You're doing a great job of including everybody! Love the one with Parker & Sam...

  5. that banana pic might be my fav ;) ever

  6. These photos are amazing. My fav, P-ray splashing in the water along the street.


  7. I love the bottom right of the boys together. So sweet.


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