Tuesday, April 23, 2013

wordless{ish} wednesday | these days.

i realized the other day our days are getting routine.  we've kinda hit our stride & the new normal isn't just organized chaos anymore, it's just normal.  i have a long list of to-dos, just like any other mom, and on any given day i just have to pick & choose what gets done.  i can't do it all.  and when i see someone on facebook, instagram or a blog post who looks like they are doing it all?  chances are they're not.  i bet their house is messy.  oh wait, their house is perfect?  well then maybe they don't work out, cook regular meals or maybe they're not trying to run their own business.  because you guys our plates are only so big & no one can do it all!

this was a little epiphany that hit me the other day while i was putting away laundry {woohoo, the laundry was getting put away!}.  we all have things we are juggling & we can all only do so much.  we pick & choose what is important to us & what gets done.  if you add something to your plate, something else has to be pushed off.

on any given day the things that really matter get done... my kids get food in their bellies, clean clothes & clean diapers.  on a good day we all eat a healthy home cooked dinner, get out to play with friends & elliot gets two good naps.  on an awesome day i also fit in a work out, a blog post, answer some emails & get to bed before midnight.  it just depends.  but in the end, the important stuff gets done & you can't beat yourself up over what doesn't.  you just pick it back up tomorrow.

and you know what?  at the end of the day if my boys have had a good belly laugh or two i consider my day a success.  there will always be emails waiting, loads of laundry to wash or fold & a room that could use some picking up.  those things can wait.  but my boys won't always be babies & what's important to them is a well-rested, somewhat-sane mom who can be present in their day.  so for them?  i'll quit losing sleep over what isn't getting done & just take things one at a time.

and of all the things that require my time?  they will always be first priority.


  1. Lovely set of photos :) and lovely positive outlook :)

  2. Love this post! Words of a very wise mama! :)

  3. well said :) i struggle with this everyday, but we are getting there...to normal anyway ;) i'm so glad you are blogging on the regular now! :)

  4. love love LOVE this post!! you are amazing!! and i love the pics too!! :)

  5. amen, sista! AMEN!
    couldn't have said it better myself ;)

  6. Exactly! I often have to remind myself that there are only so many things that we can do. And one mandatory requirement for me is playing with my son as much as possible after work and on the weekends. These days, that includes a lot of outside play time, which means that I can't play at the same time as cooking dinner, picking up, etc. So tonight might be Papa Murphy's...but last night was chicken and a yummy spaghetti squash bake...so I got my "healthy" dinner requirement met, right?? ;) And most likely, bed times (his and mine!) will get pushed back a bit. BUT...these days go so fast so my #1 priority is just enjoying every single second of it. Planning to try your yummy fish taco recipe this week too! :)

  7. Oh yes... if I only look at peoples pictures on their blogs, or instagrams, or facebooks, I would kill myself trying to live up to these perfect standards. But my definition of perfect is different. And it includes making sure my boys smile even if that means that the dishes are undone.


  8. I was stressing out to Liam's dr at his last appointment because I felt guilty for not being able to do everything right. Am I holding him enough or too much? Is it time for cereal or not? Is it ok to make him cry while I cook dinner/workout/bathe other kids/(insert any other thing I do all day here)? He gave me the best advice. He said, "Don't feel guilty. Guilt is for sin, not for moms who are trying their best." Brilliant!! It gave me a whole new outlook on trying to be the perfect wife/mother/housekeeper/etc. We can't do it all. And if we try, we will fail miserably! So just do the best you can and move on. Basically, everything you just wrote! :)

  9. So true! I've learned this since having Cami and I don't stress so much about things that don't get done on my day's to-do list. I just push them back a day...or a week. It's hard to tell Cami that my to-dos and housecleaning are more important than snuggling and reading stories!


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