Saturday, April 27, 2013

our week in iPhotos | 17/52

highlights of our week: a big saturday downtown filled with cupcakes, milkshakes, the farmer's market & colorful doors, a 5.5 mile early morning run, homemade lemonade & picking flowers at the park, 80's day at stroller strides, cute kiddos & lots of grocery shopping, clean eats, more cute kiddo antics, a walk at the wildlife refuge, a twilight bike ride & run & fro-yo for lunch on parker's birthday with friends followed by dinner at the best most tastiest most dirtiest burrito bus in town.

was basically an awesome week.  we had a run of sunshine which always seems to take our weeks up a couple notches.  seriously, when it's sunny in the pacific northwest i will attest that there is basically nowhere better in the whole wide world.

we're keeping the good times going with a day of celebrating tomorrow for p-ray's birthday.  it's his big day o' fun!  we aren't doing a party but instead are just filling the day with things parker loves.  pancakes for breakfast, a ride on the train {light rail} to the zoo & dinner at chipotle.  capped off with cake & ice cream.  it's sure to be a day a three year old's dreams are made of.

happy weekend friends!

{i post lots of my photos in real time on instagram.  do you instagram?  let's gram together! @amy_agoodlife}


  1. Replies
    1. oh man, when we get a rare warm/sunny day around here you HAVE to get outdoors... it's just perfect!! :)

  2. Beautiful photos. My little man has the same bedding as Parker, good old Ikea taking over the world!

  3. i L-O-V-E your iphone pics! always. they are so pretty and creative. i need to learn how to kick mine up a notch or two...or ten! ;) looks like a fun week! hooray for sunshine :)

  4. Love the ones of Elliot on the grass! Hope Parker has a fun filled day. Can't believe he is 3!!

  5. Love these pics! Something about kids in shopping carts that is always adorable :))

    Glad to have found another boy mama blogger :))

  6. What a fun week! The beautiful weather has been heavenly!

  7. LOVE your workout outfits. you are hilarious. and the boys are growing up so quickly when u watch it online


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